SteadyRain Partners with the In Trust Center for Custom Web Development

custom web development st. louisSteadyRain is proud to announce its partnership with the In Trust Center for Theological Schools, a membership organization headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, for consulting around an impactful web solution.

SteadyRain is providing strategic consultation around module solutions that will allow the In Trust Center to provide a curated and searchable archive of their award-winning magazine, In Trust.  By providing the ability to organize and archive the magazine’s content on its website, SteadyRain’s web solution will allow the In Trust Center to shift its focus from content organization to increased content creation. The consulting process will also allow the agency to identify possible limitations and strategies to move past them.

As a result of its in-depth research and discovery, SteadyRain will develop a solution that allows website visitors to view archived issues while simultaneously providing administrators the abilities to create and launch new issues. An enhanced URL creation capability will permit In Trust Center staff to index older content through SEO-friendly tactics and eliminates the need for manual redirects.

“While the DNN Evoq Content ecosystem of modules has a lot to offer,” emphasized Thompson Knox, SteadyRain Executive Vice President. ‘Sometimes, third-party modules just won’t provide the features and functionality a client needs.  This is the case with the In Trust Center, which has decided to design/build a module for their magazine content repository.  Bringing twelve years of insightful content to the Web is a very exciting project for SteadyRain, the In Trust Center and for seekers of knowledge in their space.”

SteadyRain and the In Trust Center anticipate a successful launch for the magazine archive in 2014 followed by increased visitor engagement from enhanced content visibility.