SteadyRain Launches Responsive Website for Consumer Auto Refinance Services, Inc.

SteadyRain, a St. Louis-based digital strategy, web development, mobile solution and digital marketing agency, is excited to announce the launch of a new website for Consumer Auto Refinance Services, Inc. (CARS), a car finance company and leading provider of auto loan refinancing, as well as other financial products and services. The new digital solution was born out of a successful web consulting partnership between the two companies.

SteadyRain partnered with CARS to develop a cohesive digital strategy focused on optimizing the brand's online presence, reaching untapped customer bases and delivering an even better online experience that encourages high conversion rates. The agency concentrated on learning about CARS, Inc., as a whole and helping the company outline its business objectives, digital marketing goals and target audience needs.

Leveraging these insights, SteadyRain built a custom DNN Evoq Content website focused on increasing revenue and creating competitive advantage online for CARS. The digital solution includes a custom online application for vehicle refinancing, which serves as a main conversion point. To increase internal efficiency for the CARS team, the digital strategy agency also built custom administration tools to manage these online applications.

"Developing our online presence and marketing strategy has been a critical step in expanding our business beyond our traditional marketing channels," said Scott Sciortino, CARS, Inc. President. "Our mission is simple - to help people save money on their auto loan while offering the highest degree of customer service. SteadyRain took the time to understand our business and then applied their expertise in developing our website and marketing strategies to reflect our mission. Consumers and lending partners have responded very well to our new online presence and I look forward to working with SteadyRain to further develop the auto refinance market."

To increase potential for success in online search results, SteadyRain's digital marketing team completed keyword research and wrote new pages of search engine optimized content. To supplement these efforts and gain additional traction for CARS online, the agency has also expanded pay-per-click campaigns for the client.

"We set out to completely revamp the digital footprint of Consumer Auto Refinance and are happy to announce the release of their new, responsive web solution" said David Kidd, SteadyRain Director of Digital Marketing. "In launching this revived digital marketing strategy, we look forward to growing our partnership with Consumer Auto Refinance and building their digital presence."

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