Insights Galore: A Guide to Twitter Analytics

With all of the available, inexpensive analytics tools out there, wading through the oceans of data generated with online marketing tactics can seem daunting. Many marketers end up utilizing a handful of tools and only evaluating a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in each.Twitter Analytics recently bolstered its metric offerings, allowing marketers to dive much deeper into their data. 

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Guide to Google Hummingbird, Pinterest Ads, Mobile Revenue Trends & more: today’s tech news thursday

In today's Tech News Thursday, we highlight how Google Hummingbird impacts your content marketing strategy, holiday mobile strategy, Facebook and Cisco's new partnership and more.

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Google Hummingbird and Its Impact on Your Online Marketing Strategy

On September 26, 2013, Google celebrated its 15th birthday with the announcement of a completely new algorithm called Hummingbird. Unlike Penguin and Panda, which functioned as updates to Google’s algorithm, Hummingbird is the search engine’s first complete algorithm rebuild since 2001. Learn more about how this affects your content marketing efforts.

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Facebook and Cisco Partner to Enhance Paid Advertising

Facebook announced a new partnership with Cisco that would allow business customers to access to free Wi-Fi. This not only benefits Facebook and Cisco but also small business owners seeking a tighter target demographic. 

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How has DotNetNuke Changed Its Company and Product Branding?

In July, DotNetNuke became DNN Corp. and transformed its company brand with a new look, website and product names. We’ve created a quick guide to the DNN transition to clarify user questions.

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Google Testing New Visual for Mobile Paid Search Ads

Google is testing a new visual format in which paid search results are visually separated with a yellow box labeled with “Ad” next to each URL. 

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Updated link classifications, 2013 search engine ranking factors, blog promotion tips & more: today’s tech news thursday

In today's Tech News Thursday, we highlight search engine optimization insights, tips for enhancing pay-per-click campaigns while reducing overall spend, developing your company's online network and more.

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