Amazon’s Super Secret Device, Nailing Social Media Customer Service Strategy and More: Today’s Tech News Thursday

In this week's Tech News Thursday, we're highlighting tips to build a successful customer service social media strategy, Instagram's 10 new features, Apple's WWDC announcements, mobile traffic engagement topics and more.

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Save Your Adwords Budget – Money Savings Adwords Campaign Management Tips

Adwords campaign managementIn theory, any small business owner can set up a Google Adwords account and try to tackle search engine marketing by themselves. It’s easy to understand the core principles of Adwords campaign management; determine what keywords are relevant to your business, organize them into ad groups and create ads based on those keywords and ad group topics.

There is more to Adwords campaign management than that.

In reality, there are plenty of campaign managers out there who are throwing money away each and every month. Some don’t set a reasonable budget and inadvertently spend thousands of dollars with no return.

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Reaching Customers with a Mobile Friendly Website – Why Responsive Design & How to Make a Mobile Optimized Website to Work for You

why responsive designWith more than 50% of all local searches on smartphones, a mobile-friendly website is crucial for engaging customers.

The enhancement of crucial elements for audience members attempting to consume your content on mobile devices can greatly improve website visitor satisfaction and engagement levels.

Learn more about the differences between your two biggest options - mobile website development and responsive design - and how each cater to audiences on mobile devices.

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Xamarin 3.0, Beats by Apple and More: Today’s Tech News Thursday

tech news st. louisIn this week's Tech News Thursday, we're highlighting Apple's purchase of Beats, Xamarin's launch of version 3.0, Sergey Brin's admission of not being social media-savvy, Pocket's new premium service, Google Adwords tips and more.

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Protect Your Brand’s Identity with Three Overlooked Search Engine Optimization Techniques

SEO Techniques and Best PracticsThe importance of brand image and identity can't be overstated in the marketing realm, and ill-planned digital tactics and overall mismanagement can easily damage a brand's health. However, with comprehensive digital marketing strategies and SEO best practices, you can protect your brand online. Check out these tips on link-building, the importance of responsive design, effective use of local search tactics and more.

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eBay’s Terrible Week, Facebook’s Eavesdropping and More: Today’s Tech News Thursday

tech news st. louisIn this week's list of top technology news, our team is highlighting Facebook's new "listening in" mobile app feature, Microsoft's announcement of the Surface Pro 3, eBay's two major digital issues and more.

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Mobile Marketing Trends Suggest Mobile e-Commerce Is on the Rise. Do You Have An App For That?

mobile marketing for retailers calloutMobile marketing trends are affecting both consumers and businesses. While many retailers shy away from mobile due to the potentially harmful in-store price comparison check, leveraging the technology to personalize the shopping experience can increase audience insights. With this data, businesses can better connect with their shoppers and enhance the in-store experience.

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