enterprise app developmentAs more businesses are capitalizing on the power of mobile devices to increase employee productivity and enhance internal connected systems, enterprise application development is gaining traction in the mobile world.  These apps are configured for specific business systems and require extremely secure data protection while still engaging employees with enticing user interface design.  

Adapting to the rise of enterprise application development, Apple created the iOS Developer Enterprise Program, allowing developers to build, test and deploy their proprietary applications safely and efficiently.

For $299 per year, a business can enroll a team of developers and administrators and benefit from the program’s features:

1. Safe and Secure App Deployment

Once built and tested, the completed enterprise application can be hosted on a secure web server and easily installed by users through a URL click. Only designated users, primarily employees, can access the application through network access, protecting proprietary data while streamlining use.

2. Wireless Updates

Before the resource of a reliable and secure store for enterprise applications, users would have to download the application and all following updates from a central, hosted machine. With recent enhancements, though, users can install a new version of the enterprise app through a URL. They don’t even have to be within the home network to do so.

3. Enhanced Testing Environment

Most developers must test their applications on a collection of their own devices. If they don’t own a particular tablet or smartphone, their testing process consists of problematic gaps. However, through the iOS Developer Enterprise Program, developers have access to testing environments on multiple devices, ensuring all potential iOS users have an identical, enjoyable experience within the created enterprise application. Other Apple-provided performance and testing tools include

4. Apple Technical Support

Through the iOS Developer Enterprise Program, Apple provides code-level support for developers. Membership includes two incidents per year, minimizing stress over major technical enterprise application issues. Obviously, you don’t want to waste those two opportunities on minor code issues, but you can always use…

5. Library of Developer Resources

Apple provides an entire library of guides, references, sample code, technical Q&A documents and even various videos specific to enterprise application development. When troubleshooting an issue during development or testing, these resources provide a great place to start.

When really stumped, you can even access…

6. Apple Enterprise Application Development Forums

Further helping developers, the program includes a forum community for developers to interact and exchange tips and resources for building better enterprise applications. As Apple monitors these forums, they are alerted to particularly difficult issues more quickly and improve their services accordingly.

7. Tiered Developer Access

To allow entire mobile teams to work on enterprise application development without causing a chaotic mess, the program allows for three types of access – Team Agent, Administrator and Member. Each title provides various levels of access and responsibilities.

8. Enterprise Application Collection Growth

As a business grows, so do its internal business systems and employee connectivity needs. Members can utilize the program to develop, maintain and update multiple enterprise applications. Developers can even harness the environment’s capabilities to create add-on apps to customize one main application for various and distinct user groups.

A Few Requirements of Note

To enroll, business must have a Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) number.

Agencies and contractor developers cannot purchase membership and build applications for multiple clients within the program. The client must first enroll and then designate a level of member access for the developer, allowing him or her to build within its environment.

Many businesses interested in providing enterprise applications for their BYOD employees, however, seek cross-platform development.  This program only provides support for iOS development. We encourage businesses to work with developers who can duplicate the application for multiple operating systems.

Our mobile team works with clients to set up the iOS Developer Enterprise Program for clients and then build strategic enterprise applications for their businesses. Are you interested in learning more about what our team can do for yours? Contact us today.