Let’s examine the initial search engine optimization (SEO) leaps a company might have made in 2011. First, the business performed the necessary keyword research that drove quality traffic to a targeted landing page. Once the visitor reached the landing page, the site presented engaging calls to action and copy that spoke to the visitor’s business and/or consumer needs. Second, the business claimed their name on local directories, social networking sites and even started a blog.

Great. Now, what is planned for 2012? It’s important to not get too comfortable with last year’s strategy as the goal with SEO or any marketing campaign is to grow, not maintain. Here are a few quick suggestions we recommend:

1. Strategize Local Directories/Review Sites

Your business has claimed their listing on Google, Bing and other local directories/review sites, which is a great starting point. But simply claiming the listing is not the end of the road.

Revisit what you posted on the listing last year and make thoughtful updates. For example, does the company address match across all local directories and/or review sites? Is there a new service or product you are promoting in the new year? Did you remember to add your social networking links or YouTube videos to your listing? What about appending interesting photographs from in and around your local business?

Make sure to keep listings consistent. As a result, this will ensure proper online brand management, in addition to assisting in the appearance of search engine results. As you add updated keywords or promotions to your listing, keep track of those changes and start recording any effects those updates might have on your company’s online performance.

2. Go Mobile

Mobile Development with SteadyRain

According to emarketer, in 2012, 94% of smartphones users will be mobile internet users. Therefore, much of your audience that accesses your website on a desktop computer will also be just as likely to try to access it via their mobile device.

This is also a perfect time for customer acquisition. Consider using Google’s Keyword Search tool, updating the device to “All mobile devices” in the advance search options, to locate those mobile-targeted keywords. Companies must adapt, giving their visitors what they want – a mobile website with optimized content. This also includes optimizing downloadable content that might be accessible to your visitor. The goal: make it as easy as possible for your visitor to navigate and convert.

3. Optimize Social Media Profiles

If your company started to ramp up its social media efforts in 2011, now is the time to optimize those pages. 

Have you ever entered your brand name + “Facebook”, “Twitter”, or “LinkedIn” into a search? This is a quick and easy way to notice what you currently have listed in the title tag (Page Name) or meta description (About or Description) of your social profiles, as well as the keywords that you do (or do not) have featured in these spots.

Social Media campaign with SteadyRain

In addition to listing keywords in those highly featured spots, remember to consider the content and links in profile updates. Profile updates can and do appear in search results, so try to use descriptive, informative call-to-action content. Inbound links to your site as well as opportunities to cross promote other social profiles are located on several areas of many social profiles. Don’t leave these blank – it’s an opportunity to direct visitors to what you want them to experience.

What steps have you taken to update your SEO strategy for the new year? Need help? Give us a call today and we would love to get you started on the road to success in 2012!