A recent study published by Burson-Marsteller reported on different ways in which large companies are currently utilizing various platforms within social media.

Let’s face it – there are so many platforms that currently exist, as well as new networks that seem to pop up every other week, that it can seem confusing and overwhelming when deciding on an Online Marketing strategy.

Although organization is key, reporting is essential, and increasing engagement and ROI is the goal, the actual act of participating on social media networks for large organizations can create several challenges.

We have captured a few beneficial insights that can be put into immediate practice for the beginning of an enterprise social media strategy:

1. Whether you create the conversation or not, you are being talked about on social media.

Here are a few quick statistics to think about as we move into the next insights:

  • In March 2012, Twitter recorded 340 Million Tweets per Day
  • Nearly One in Every Seven Humans on Earth is an Active Facebook User
  • As of May 2012, more than 4 Billion Videos were Viewed a Day on YouTube

Consider the chances of your company being mentioned on one of the three social networks that were just listed, regardless of whether it was produced by an employee, fan of the company, or an unhappy customer.

Next, think about your company’s level of involvement on that same channel. Whether you started the conversation or not, if you search for your business, chances are it was mentioned. How can you go from here?

2. Create different Twitter accounts / Facebook pages / YouTube Accounts for each product, service, department.

For large organizations, many products, services and departments have their own voice that need to be shared with the public. Often times, this cannot be achieved under one singular corporate Twitter or Facebook account.

In 2012, large, global businesses were said to have 10.4 Facebook pages per company, a 395% increase from 2010 and 147% increase from 2011. These pages could include a clear division between employee recruitment, specific brands, or individual branches based on location – something that could not be accomplished with just one page. This also provides a space for those fans or not-so-happy customers to voice specific opinions, challenges or praises, which provides a greater opportunity for increased customer service or online reputation management.

3. Regular interaction by enterprise organizations can improve adaptability to new platforms as they arise.

Social Media Teams will start to create a natural adaption to the methodical processes of different platforms, and the speed in which a company/brand/department can adopt a new platform will increase. The steps and policies to create and publish unique content, answer necessary customer service inquiries, and monitor the brand’s reputation on one channel can be transferred and adopted on emerging platforms.

Of those companies surveyed by Burson-Marsteller, 48% have Google+ accounts and 25% have Pinterest accounts. Early adopters of emerging social networks will not only have a leg up on the competition but also provide a more segmented, personalized approach to its followers and fans.

4. Never forget your target audience.

Although it’s important to explore all social media has to offer, it’s necessary to recognize if a certain platform is a true benefit for your brand or company. For example, Pinterest may work wonders for one of your company’s brands but the Human Resources and Recruiting department might not see value on this platform. Therefore, each branch of the organization will need to carefully consider its targeted audiences to determine which social media network(s) will work best and craft a useful strategy around that branch.

These steps are just the beginning on how you can begin to think of creating an enterprise social media strategy that will work with every facet of your organization.

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