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Digital Horror Stories can be a real nightmare and we know everyone has one, but we will reward you for sharing yours with us. Submit your story and you could win an Apple Watch.

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Christie C

Staging server was not backed up by IT Department, so we used way back machine to recreate website content. Took 2 weeks and six people to update.

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Denise R

My website was hacked and all data was lost. Lesson learned: always backup your website.

Gail S

A Sales Rep got a list and used my marketing automation system. There was a planted bad name. We got nailed, thrown off core motives and Go Daddy.

Scott T

Was hosted by a company that crashed over and over with no notice. Couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

Ryan B

I volunteered for Mardi Gras for several years. The agency that helped them didn’t give them a lot attention. They didn’t put the effort in to promote any Mardi Gras events other than Grand Parade Day. Plus, the website was embarrassingly awful.

Melissa C

January 2018 — People from the Philippines sent out +14,000 to our target market, impersonating our business. Stole website, text, logo, images, etc.

Using our company identity, they sold our services at a 95% discount, took payments via PayPal, and disappeared.

Shirley M

Had a personal and business LinkedIn account. Tried to transfer my contacts from my personal to my business. Instead they merged and I lost my entire business account.