Those who purchase products marketed via email spend 138 percent more on a brand’s products than those who don’t receiving marketing email at all.

Brands are aware of the statistic above, and they are capitalizing on it. But are they succeeding? Are they creating the type of email marketing campaign their audiences love to find in their inbox?

With today’s technology, email marketing has the potential to be incredibly personal, informative and useful.

Unfortunately, because of its low-cost barrier, many brands participate in email marketing, cramming inboxes with irrelevant and trivial messages, conditioning consumers to delete swiftly, without remorse.

Brands are failing to forge personal connections through their email marketing campaigns. They aren’t providing the information their target audiences need. In this day and age, spammy, irrelevant emails just aren’t cutting it.

Fortunately, well-strategized email marketing campaign has the potential to delight and inspire. It can ensnare and maintain the sought-after attention of prospective customers.

This is the type of email marketing services we provide. We focus on quality and build every single email, whether part of a regular campaign or a one-time offer, to engage specific audiences with a targeted message.

We measure our success by that of our clients’ – focusing on the end game of driving conversions and positively impacting their overall digital marketing strategies and business goals.

Our email marketing services team consists of talented, creative writers who love bringing brand stories to life. We work with clients to build an email marketing strategy focused on specific business goals, such as selling a specific product or driving brand loyalty. Our team then focuses on crafting compelling content to draw in readers and convince them to click through to the clients’ website.

An email won’t be opened without an effective subject line, though. We understand how greatly those seven to ten words can affect open rate and spend a good chunk of time building and testing them to ensure optimal performance. We give equal attention the sender line, because people rarely open emails from businesses they don’t know or trust.

Sending the same email to all of your different audiences is a recipe for disaster. Think about it – most of your content will be irrelevant to all of your recipients. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the time or resources to sit down and create unique email marketing campaigns for the dozens of specific audiences who crave customized content.

Our team works with a successful email marketing software company that allows marketers to automate audience tagging, either determined by client-driven database segmentation or triggered by opens or clicks to specific links within previous email campaigns. Armed with these insights, we can then build email marketing strategies with differing sections associated with varying tags, ensuring recipients only seeing relevant, personal content.

Of course, we also have clients who prefer to write content themselves but seek an efficient distribution strategy. We’re more than happy to help you set up a dynamic content system to help you achieve automated but targeted success with email marketing.

The overall goal for all of our clients’ online marketing strategies is to achieve a targeted business goal. If our campaigns aren’t driving the right kind of traffic or increasing conversions, we’re failing.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, our team closely monitors each email and gauges its success with click-through tracking, visits by device and specific audience interaction. We also provide Analytics services to track audience members once they make the jump from an email to a landing page and monitor how they navigate through the site, taking notes on their unique paths to conversion.

These insights allow our email marketing services experts to adjust content strategies and messaging tactics quickly and efficiently. These data-driven enhancements, in turn, increase audience engagement, drive website traffic and boost conversions for our clients.

More email is read on a mobile device than on a desktop computer.

If your email campaigns aren’t built responsively for a variety of smartphones and tablets, your audience members are probably facing frustration every time they open an email from your business.

Our clients benefit from working with an online marketing team backed by the abilities of a full-service agency. SteadyRain’s development and design creatives work closely with our email marketing experts to provide clients’ with html-based responsive campaigns, built to adjust to a range of consumer devices.

Before launch, we test every email marketing campaign on a variety of email clients, such as Outlook and Gmail, to ensure each target audience member enjoys a consistent, enticing brand experience.

Enhance your email marketing campaigns by partnering with SteadyRain for content strategy, effective audience segmentation and mobile-ready campaigns.

Contact us to learn more about our email marketing services today.