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Mobile Enterprise Application for Increased Customer Service Efficiency

An industry-leading manufacturing company approached SteadyRain looking for a unique solution to a product problem. The company's team sought strategies to enhance customer service for its appliance business customers with a mobile solution.

To determine the most effective plan of action, the two teams started with a consulting engagement to determine a strategy for the project, including key audiences, targeted functionality and an outline for how the mobile development should move forward. Utilizing these insights and their consequent blueprint for success, SteadyRain built an innovative enterprise mobile application.

The enterprise app allows the company's internal team of appliance technicians run diagnostics by interacting via Bluetooth technology with the machines digitally using an iPad. The new tool increases efficiency, by skipping the process of manually pulling the appliances apart to find the root of the problem. This speeds up the customer service process, getting the manufacturing company's machines back up and running quickly, minimizing downtime and keeping customers satisfied.

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Project Successes

  • Increased efficiency by creating a more effective customer service process
  • Decreased internal costs by speeding up diagnostics for technicians
  • Created a competitive advantage in the industry by offering a unique customer service feature