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Mobile Development for Dent Wizard's Ding Shield Services

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Services rendered for this project:
Mobile Landing Page Development for Promotion at Annual Conference

To promote Dent Wizard’s Ding Shield services at an annual trade show, SteadyRain developed a mobile landing page to work in conjunction with a promoted QR code.

Developed primarily to be viewed on a mobile device, the Ding Shield landing page included strategic forms of content, including video and images to engage key audiences. To ensure these trade show attendees could immediately convert by contacting Dent Wizard, the landing page also included a contact form.

SteadyRain also helped Dent Wizard set up the QR code and provided ways to effectively share it with intended key audiences.

View the landing page: dingshield.dentwizard.com

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Project Successes

  • Increased conversions and boosted Ding Shield business.
  • Provided a low-cost marketing tool
  • Efficiently engaged key audiences
  • Created a marketing advantage over competitors at the tradeshow



2013 Communicator Award - Silver Award

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