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Enterprise Mobile App for Facility Construction Safety

mobile app for building records
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Services rendered for this project:
Mobile Enterprise App Comprising of Facility Databases

Many of the environmental testing company’s clients operate facilities with building maintenance challenges, such as the presence of hidden asbestos within their infrastructures that do not harm visitors in the building unless disturbed by maintenance and/or construction. However, when projects, such as pulling down a wall or extending a room, need to be completed, construction workers and other similar contractors need the ability to quickly access building blueprints and identify any environmental concerns before starting work.

As a strategic solution to this challenge, the SteadyRain development team created a mobile information management system through a network of online databases for each facility.

Key features include the following:

  • Easily navigated building visuals, including but not limited to blueprints, with detailed notes about potential environmental dangers
  • Varying levels of access, allowing facility managers to have full access to all facility information, while limiting access of lower-level maintenance employees to maintain data integrity and accuracy of content
  • Ability to plot plans for construction, including the removal of walls, path of cables and more, as well as submit  images to the environmental testing company, who can then arrange for the safe removal of any potential environmental dangers before building maintenance begins

By streamlining the facility construction and maintenance workflow process, SteadyRain helped ensure safer work environments with proactive procedures for environmental reclamation when necessary.

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Project Successes

  • Decreased costs with instantly-available building records
  • Increased efficiency by easily-navigated facility visuals, blueprints and detailed notes
  • Streamlined access levels in one effective solution
  • Enhanced construction planning abilities through enhanced visualization tools