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Mobile Application for National Marketing Research Firm

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Services rendered for this project:
Mobile App for Honest, Real-time Market Research

SteadyRain partnered with a marketing research firm to develop a custom mobile solution that allows the company’s study participants to provide honest and real-time feedback on research topics. As with most focus-group-based research, many of the firm’s study participants react differently with a product in their own environment than within the company’s headquarters in a traditional research atmosphere. The research firm sought a technology partner to develop a solution that would allow its participants to provide feedback while utilizing the researched product on the go, providing intimate interaction, accurate context and honest feedback.

SteadyRain developed a mobile application for participants to download and utilize while they interacted with the researched product. Key features include the following:

  • Simple user interface – To increase user interaction and enhance data acquisition, SteadyRain developed uncomplicated navigation for its research participants.
  • Effortless quiz format – To enhance user experience and allow for honest data recovery, SteadyRain built a straightforward quiz layout, eliminating distraction and confusion, therefore allowing for intimate product feedback.
  • Immediate feedback – The solution transmits all participant input wirelessly, allowing the firm’s researchers to gather authentic and insightful data about client products.

Following the implementation of SteadyRain’s mobile solution, the firm’s research results have achieved a higher level of honesty and product intimacy, allowing the firm to provide better insights to its clients. This enhanced research model helps the company compete with other firms through its contribution of authentic data. Likewise, the mobile format of data collection helped the firm increase its survey response rates over traditional web-based survey tools.

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Project Successes

  • Enhanced research with real-time, honest data recovery
  • Increased study engagement
  • Improved insights for the research firm's clients
  • Increased general survey response rates