A Powerful CMS for Educational Institutions

Developed specifically for educational institutions, Spark:Enrollment allows universities, school districts and preparatory organizations to manage their digital resources with a strategic content management system and enrollment-specific tools. The solution connects the website features educational institutions need most and even allows for cost-effective visual customization and branding. Built responsively and available for audiences on all devices, the solution aids clients in meeting enrollment goals. At the very foundation of Spark:Enrollment is a powerful content management system, allowing marketing teams to focus on more important online strategy details.

Enrollment-focused CMS Solution

With the frequency of information changes in the education industry, a powerful website is a necessary resource for marketers. Spark:Enrollment features a strategic content management system full of features specifically for educational institutions and is easily and cost-effectively branded with unique visuals. The solution provides comprehensive page management, allowing marketers to easily and quickly update online content in today's fast-paced digital world.  

Connected Campus Abilities

Many universities have multiple campus locations, and Spark:Enrollment strives to simplify an overwhelming information management process by functioning as a centralized database. The solution allows for multiple websites in one powerful content management system to decrease confusion among marketing teams and keep digital strategies connected. While providing capabilities for differing visuals among campuses, Spark:Enrollment ensures one strong, overarching brand message. 

Online Application System

A main focus for an educational institution, of course, is to continue to increase its enrollment. Spark:Enrollment features an online application system built specifically for the industry. The tool captures application information from potential students, stores this data online for easy access from both parties and even allows for efficient review process updates by an admission advisor. This constant stream of status information keeps potential students engaged in the process. Have a CRM tool to manage your enrollment outreach? Spark:Enrollment can integrate with this system, relieving admission staff of the responsibility to transfer and maintain two separate sets of data. 

Centralized Event Calendar Management

Educational institutions have an incredible amount of events to entice potential students and increase current student brand engagement. The organization as a whole, of course, wishes to market all events, while each campus has its own events to manage and promote. Spark:Enrollment features a centralized database for all events while allowing specific campuses to update and maintain online calendar content surrounding events. 

Educational Program Database

Much like the events feature, this tool allows educational program marketers across campuses to connect and promote programs as a united brand as well as for their own campuses. For example, a specific engineering program may only be available at select campuses. Spark:Enrollment houses its information and online content is in one place and provides individual campuses the opportunities to market it as needed. 

Course Availability by Campus

Many courses are not part of a curriculum and therefore, like programs, are offered at various, but not all, campuses. For example, a nursing Continuing Education (CE) credit may only be available to students at two locations. The information for this class is housed in one database, and campuses can choose to make it public based on specific course dates and times. 

Centralized Room Reservation 

Faculty and staff often require the ability to reserve rooms across campuses, and Spark:Enrollment includes a unique feature specifically to streamline this process. The solution builds a database of all rooms and their specific details, such as building location, maximum class size, table setup and of course, date and time information. The tool even allows the option for all requests to be fed through one room coordinator for approval. 

Many educational institutions struggle with their out-of-the-box CMS tool that doesn't offer the specific functionality they need. Save yourself some time and stress. Choose one cost-effective solution featuring the unique tools and resources you need.

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