A Powerful Travel-Industry CMS Solution

Tourism software developed specifically for convention and visitors organizations (CVAs, CVBs and CVCs), Spark:tourism provides an unparalleled combination of cutting-edge content management with industry-specific, centralized data management tooling. This powerful combination administers an excellent web solution for the tourism industry, allowing for enterprise features on a budget. Customized visually for each client as part of the implementation and featuring a responsive, cross-device design, the solution pushes the aesthetic of a strong website while simultaneously allowing each organization to focus on more important details of a digital marketing plan.

Strong Tourism CMS Solution

Every destination marketing website needs to have free-form content management as part of its service offering. Spark:tourism allows users to develop new pages and content as part of their digital strategy, while not detracting from the tourism tools provided as part of the solution.

Centralized Event Management

Managing events and their supporting data can be a difficult task. Spark:tourism allows administrators to centralize this management but de-centralize the searching and showcasing of events across the site by providing opportunities for event display in versatile views. For potential tourists, keyword search and date search are both supported in the solution providing context to any visitors’ fun discovery process.

Centralized Attraction Management

The same issues that make managing events difficult exist for managing the attractions within a tourism organization. Providing an easy-as-email approach to managing listings within a destination marketing website is a requirement. With future enhancements planned to integrate listing owner self-management and CVB approval processes as well as automated integration with the listing API, what more could a CV organization ask for?

Advertising Opportunities Sitewide

As web technology gets more complex, costs for development and maintenance continue to grow. SteadyRain has included many opportunities for organizations to monetize their website through the inclusion of industry-standard display advertising placement. These ads feature selected attractions and events in search results and even include placement opportunities directly in the site’s mega-navigation.

Audience-focused Content Dashboards

Not all of the visitors to your city, county or region are the same. With SteadyRain’s dashboard approach to connecting with visitors, an organization can group and target information like adding shortcuts to a desktop. Create a landing page just for family, just for couples and just for late-lifers that focus the message and spotlight the content most suited to them.

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