Orchard CMS Training

To ensure clients effectively leverage all available digital resources and tools at their disposal, SteadyRain provides extensive Orchard training following website development and implementation. By teaching clients to manage content internally, our team saves them time and money in their efforts in target audience engagement, allowing them to focus on achieving overall business goals.

Don’t let a complicated tool slow you down. Take ownership of your website with custom SteadyRain Orchard training.

SteadyRain customizes Orchard training for clients’ specific online management needs and digital business objectives. However, for those seeking general training, we provide the following Orchard training courses:

100 Level Orchard Training Courses

  • 101 Basic Content Management within Orchard I – managing pages, files and content
  • 111 Basic Orchard Administration I – Step by step instruction on how to manage user accounts, roles and permissions

200 Level Orchard Training Courses

  • 201 Advanced Content Management with Orchard – managing navigation, page redirects, copy and reference widgets
  • 211 Advanced Orchard Administration – how to manage site settings and view tracking information (google analytics, site log and event viewer)

300 Level Orchard Training Courses

  • 311 Design and Production of Orchard Resources  learn how to design for and integrate designs in Orchard
  • 321 Third-Party Module Training – how to create a form that saves to a database and sends notification emails on submission

400 Level Orchard Training Courses

  • 401 Basic Custom Module Development – explore the basics of how to develop a custom shape for Orchard
  • 411 Intermediate Custom Shape Development – beyond the basics of how to develop a custom Orchard shape 
  • 421 Advanced Custom Shape Development – in-depth instruction on developing a custom Orchard shape 

Whether you seek Orchard training to effectively leverage a recent CMS implementation or seek a refresh on new capabilities for your business, SteadyRain can help your company achieve specific business goals with cost-effective training. 

Contact our training team to learn more today.