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Services Used
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX Design

Cambridge Engineering

Cambridge Engineering needed a new website to create a competitive advantage in its industry.

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Our HVAC manufacturing client needed more qualified traffic to their heating and make-up air page.


We identified keywords and common questions users were searching for and asking about make-up air heating units such as “what is make-up air,” applications for make-up air units, and the kinds of problems make-up air can solve. We made it a goal to optimize the page in order to capture search from potential customers.


The Make-Up Air page was published and requested for indexing in Google Search Condole during August 2018. By October, there were over 100 Organic sessions to the page, which grew to almost 400 during November, and broke 1,000 Organic sessions by January. By August 2019, Organic sessions to the page increased from 2 sessions to almost 1,800 sessions. It is now one of the most popular pages on the website due to optimizing the content based on what users were searching for.

Services Used

Strategic Planning

Use digital planning to build projects over time and ensure success on your schedule.

Website Analytics Services

SteadyRain is provides a variety of website analytics services that will give you a clear picture of how well your digital marketing campaign is connecting with visitors.

User Interface Design

Good user interface design and user experience design work together to make your site visitors convert. SteadyRain creates website interface design that makes businesses more successful.

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Missouri Botanical Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden required a digital solution managing and delivering content across an array of audiences and supporting sites.