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What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing combines digital and direct marketing, sending communication to your audience's inboxes.

 Communication can vary from product promotions and offers, blog posts, and company updates. A benefit of email marketing is the segmentation it allows. Different audiences can receive different text, based on their relationship with your brand what your goals are.

Email marketing is an effective channel. Those who buy products marketed via email spend 138 percent more on a brand’s products than those who don’t receive marketing emails.

Brands are aware of the statistic above, and they are capitalizing on it. But are they succeeding? Are you creating the type of email marketing campaign your audience loves to find in their inbox? Learn more about SteadyRain's email marketing strategy and how we can make that a reality.

Email Marketing Strategy

With today’s technology, email marketing can be personal, informative and useful. Because of its low-cost barrier, many brands take part in email marketing and that can give it a bad name. Inboxes crammed with irrelevant and trivial messages condition consumers to quickly delete emails. Brands need to forge personal connections through their email marketing campaigns. SteadyRain provides well-strategized campaigns, providing the relevant information your audience needs. Our email marketing strategy focuses on engaging specific audiences with a targeted message. Well-strategized email marketing campaigns have the potential to delight and inspire. They can maintain the sought-after attention of prospective customers. SteadyRain’s strategy drives your conversions, impacting your digital marketing strategies and business goals. Learn more about the email marketing services we provide.

Email Marketing Services

SteadyRain's email marketing services assist you in every step of the campaign process. From strategy to reporting, we work with you to create an effective campaign and see it through. Our team utilizes email marketing best practices, staying up to date on industry standards. Learn more about our trusted services below.

Content Development

At the beginning of email marketing campaigns, our teams works with you to identify business goals. What are your ultimate conversions? A form download, a sale, an event registration? Email language corresponds with these goals, so your users understand a clear message.

Success Analysis

An important step of any email marketing campaign is its analysis. Analysis throughout the campaign help to make sure we're on the right track. Is there a certain message that is driving conversions more than others? Is one audience reacting stronger? Our team focuses on reporting throughout the campaign, so you are achieving the best results.

Responsive Development

More users read emails on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Because of this, emails must look consistent across devices. SteadyRain’s development and design team create responsive emails, adjusting to the consumers’ devices.

Partner with Our Experts In Email Marketing 

Enhance your email marketing campaigns by partnering with SteadyRain. From content strategy, audience segmentation and mobile-ready campaigns, our services amplify your campaign. Our team works with you to create the best solution for your marketing and business goals. Contact us to learn more about our email marketing services today.


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