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What is User Experience?

At the heart of every website is a communication goal - often to provide a user with information or to encourage them to take an immediate action. The majority of business websites exist to elicit specific responses from users.

Whether the goals of the website are met often depends upon the effectiveness of the User Experience.

User experience refers to how a website visitor interacts with the design and structure of website in the goal fulfillment process. Strategic user experience design provides visitors with easy avenues to interact with the components the website along their way to fulfilling the ultimate goal of the site. Components of effective user experience include functionality and navigation design. These elements help a website visitor move from one aspect of the website or mobile app to another to consume specific content on their way to a conversion.

Give your target audience an experience that will convince them to convert. Contact SteadyRain for strategic user experience design today.

SteadyRain’s User Experience Design Process

Several SteadyRain services flow into a sound, revenue-focused user experience strategy, including information architecture planning and the aforementioned user interface design. To build a goal-oriented website, SteadyRain starts the website design process with a consulting engagement.  During the consulting phase we will accurately identify target audiences and determine how to easily navigate potential users through online content.

Once our web design team properly understands these audiences, we can focus on appropriate targeted information architecture planning and user interface design. After assembling a strategic user experience design, we test it on members of the client’s target audiences to ensure the launched version is on strategy and effectively engages website visitors.

Contact SteadyRain and grow your brand online by connecting with target audiences through strategic user experience design.


Other UI/UX Design Services

User Interface Design

Good user interface design and user experience design work together to make your site visitors convert. SteadyRain creates website interface design that makes businesses more successful.

Web Content Management

A successful web content management system integration allows for easy editing of a website’s content. It also eases the pain typically associated with database and content management. SteadyRain works with our clients to leverage the power of CMS solutions to manage website content quickly and efficiently.

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