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Meet Your Customers At The Top of Search Results

Can you tell the difference between paid and organic search listings?

Most users can't.

Getting to the top of search engines with SEO can be a long process. With paid search, you can rank keywords in minutes, and reach customers who are ready to convert right now.

SteadyRain is a Google certified partner and Bing Ads accredited agency. We specialize in helping brands like yours create text ad campaigns in search engines that grow visibility and revenue.

We create highly targeted, flexible SEM campaigns designed around your business goals.

Paid search provides tremendous upside for both established and up-and-coming businesses. We love paid search, because it is fast to deploy, effective and provides measurable results. Plus, you only pay when users click your ad.

Paid search works for businesses who:

  • Want to improve visibility around their brand name
  • Want to promote new products and services
  • Want to get a step ahead of, or, stay in line with key competitors
  • Are struggling to rank for competitive organic search terms
  • Want to solidify Page 1 positioning with both paid and organic results

Our digital marketing experts have over half a century of combined experience in paid search. Whether you have one employee or thousands, we can make paid search work for you.

SteadyRain’s Approach to Paid Search Engine Marketing

To us, paid search is just one component to your overall marketing plan.

We use paid search to complement and mirror existing efforts and messaging in your organic, social, email and traditional campaigns. We get to know your target audience and your brand to develop campaigns that meet your overall business goals.

SteadyRain believes in transparent paid search management. We separate ourselves from other St. Louis agencies in our fee structure. Our paid search management services are billed at a flat hourly rate.

This means we have no incentive to ask you to increase your media spend.

By eliminating incentivized media spend, we can provide unbiased media spend recommendations. It also means that we are managing your campaigns in a way that benefits you - and not us.

SEM Campaign Planning Services

We take the time to prepare your paid search campaigns for success.

It's easy to get started with Google Ads. However, we find clients have the most success when we work together to develop a strategy before launch.

Before you receive your first impression, we start with an in-depth consultation period to understand your campaign objectives. Here, we get to know your target audience, understand your existing digital marketing efforts and develop a keyword and campaign strategy. This period is critical in establishing a foundation for your campaigns.

During the consulting period, we work with clients to develop:

  • Relevant calls-to-action and brand differentiators
  • Intent-driven keyword lists and campaign structure recommendations
  • Proactive negative keywords to control spend
  • Location targeting recommendations - down to target zip codes
  • Data-driven device targeting recommendations
  • Recommendations for remarketing lists
  • Comprehensive ad extension recommendations and development
  • Landing page recommendations & development, if necessary
  • An understanding of competitor success and shortcomings

Through proper planning, we can help clients mitigate risks and control costs from the moment we click "activate."

Ad Creation

We write paid search ads that convert.

Our team of experienced copywriters writes to your brand standards. We incorporate target keywords, calls-to-action, benefits and brand differentiators that speak to customers.

We are constantly testing different ad variations to determine what works best for our clients.

SteadyRain does not push copy live without client approval, so you always have a say in the direction we go with.

Ongoing Campaign Management

Paid search is not a set it and forget it channel.

Every day, we are monitoring your campaign's spend and performance. Some of the metrics we watch closely include conversions, cost-per-click, search impression share, click through rate and media spend.

We make on-the-fly adjustments and are quick to come back with further recommendations if something isn't working as planned.

We are flexible with time-critical campaign strategies, and can easily shift gears to reflect changing business priorities. Often times, we can turn around new campaigns in as little as one business day.

Transparent Reporting

Our paid search philosophy is rooted in transparency.

When managing campaigns, we pay attention to our client's return on ad spend and overall investment. We set internal performance benchmarks for all of our clients.

Most SteadyRain clients receive monthly reports, but we can provide weekly and even daily reporting, depending on your needs.

Within our reports, we provide:

  • A complete breakdown of campaign performance
  • Trending performance of key campaign metrics
  • Detailed cause/effect-based analysis
  • Next steps and action plans

We believe your success is critical to our own. We'll be the first to tell you if something isn't working, or even if the channel isn't right for your brand. We would rather go back to the drawing board than let your media spend go to waste.

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SteadyRain can help you unlock the many benefits of paid search.

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