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Paid Search Marketing

When you visit Google to complete a search, do you notice the difference between paid and unpaid search results? Most don’t. Search engines have been trending toward placing more paid search advertising (also known as pay-per-click or PPC ads) at the top of the result pages. In doing so, it’s become increasingly difficult for even the highest-ranking organic listings to be seen in the search results set.

For most businesses, search engine optimization isn’t enough. If your content ranks well organically (i.e. listings in the non-paid results), but your business is still struggling to beat the slew of ads on the first page, it’s time to consider supporting your efforts with a paid search marketing campaign.

SteadyRain’s Approach to Paid Search Marketing

Our paid search marketing team creates strategies that leverage our clients’ full umbrella of digital marketing channels. We consider their overall marketing efforts to develop a consistent and supportive paid search marketing strategy. From audience types to specific product promotions and pushes, our clients’ business goals are always at the forefront.

Unlike many other paid search marketing companies, our management fees don’t depend on clients’ media spend. Instead, we charge one flat hourly fee for our services. So, by eliminating incentivized client media spend we can focus on creating the best, most effective campaign direction for our clients—not to mention most cost-efficient. In other words, we don’t care if you spend $500 per month or $5,000 per month, but we do care about building a successful return on investment for your paid search marketing campaign budget.

Campaign Planning

We start every paid search marketing campaign with an in-depth consulting engagement to uncover our client’s specific marketing and business goals. Our team discusses target audiences, existing digital marketing efforts and active keyword strategies to start building a foundation for a successful campaign.

We use these insights within our next step of keyword research to develop a solid list of search queries. Our team then narrows down potential keywords, evaluating and ranking each option with a variety of criteria to build an objective list of ultra-relevant, conversion-ready keywords.

Our next step outlines the paid search marketing campaign parameters: locations to include or exclude, proximity targeting, device targeting, search intent limitations and more. We focus on outlining clients’ most important target audiences and then refine campaign radius to hone in on those most likely to convert.

Each step of this process, of course, includes client checkpoints to ensure we’re all on the same page. This saves time and money for everyone involved by minimizing issues mid-campaign.

Ad Creation

Our digital marketing team members are more than technical SEO and PPC experts – they also double as talented and creative copywriters. These dual strengths allow our team to build compelling paid search ad copy that engages clients’ target audiences.

Every ad element matters, from an enticing headline to informative content to a strong call-to-action, our team crafts each ad with unique sales propositions and reasons for target audiences to convert.

To ensure our paid search marketing strategies stay focused on clients’ overall marketing and business goals while effectively reaching distinct audiences, we thoroughly test each ad and only move forward with the top performers.

Campaign Management

Our paid search marketing team doesn’t launch our clients’ campaigns and walk away, only to return when the budget runs out. We check in on campaigns daily, evaluating performance and adjusting ad copy, bids and budgets as needed. If we determine a campaign just isn’t working, we pause it and go back to the drawing board to focus on a new strategy.

We offer an incredibly flexible strategy – we can implement adjustments within one business day to mirror a rapidly-changing integrated marketing campaign. This is especially critical for retailers who, for example, may decide to run a one-day special to burn off remaining inventory. Our team can turn around a quick campaign strategy to help a client’s digital marketing shift gears to reflect changing business priorities.

Transparent Reporting

Sometimes strategies and priorities don’t return the desired results for a paid search marketing campaign. When that happens, we refuse to shift around the data to put us in a better light. We stress transparency in our client relationships, and we will always be the first to admit something isn’t working.

Our clients’ success is critical to our own, which is why we focus on their overall paid search return on investment above all else. Daily campaign maintenance helps our team keep budget loss to a minimum. We aren’t afraid to pause a campaign and contact our clients to let them know we’d rather go back to the drawing board than let their media spend go to waste.

Our reporting reflects this transparency. Every detailed monthly report comes with a list of action items on our schedule aimed to improve the campaigns to constantly drive better traffic and increase website conversions.

Give your digital marketing strategy a boost and start driving more conversion-ready traffic to your website with an effective paid search marketing campaign. Learn how SteadyRain has earned its position as one of the leading paid search marketing companies in St. Louis. Contact our team to get started today.


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