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  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Front End Development
  • Web Application Development

The H-J Family of Companies

Deploy a Recruiting solution that would bring in qualified leads for open positions within the company.

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The H-J Family of Companies was struggling to bring in new talent. Because of changes in the market, there were fewer skilled workers applying for manufacturing positions than there had been in the past. Over the next decade, more than half of manufacturing job openings are expected to go unfilled—and H-J was feeling the pressure in their business. They asked SteadyRain to help them come up with a plan to address their short-term and long-term hiring concerns.


Strategic digital solutions for recruiting problems need to accommodate a new reality of the recruitment process: because there are fewer overall candidates, you need to establish your brand with people you’d like to recruit before they begin looking for new jobs, so they come to you first when they decide to begin job hunting. SteadyRain’s Recruiting solution for H-J has two parts that work together. First, we built a digital marketing program for them to raise long-term awareness in their company and produce better recruits. Then, we built a tool to manage employment applications and help see which tactics are most effective. Together, these tools help H-J attract and sign the right candidates. SteadyRain built a custom Recruiting Tool for H-J to help them manage applications for employment. H-J uses the tool to publish their job openings to the internet and to track their performance. One of its advantages is that it is coded to express clearly to Google that the job posting is a job posting. This helps H-J’s postings surface in Google’s special job listings results section, and makes them come up higher in search engine results pages. Additionally, the tool makes it easy to evaluate how applicants were proceeding through the evaluation process. It also produces reports to help H-J evaluate their recruiting strategies. Now, H-J can measure which types of digital marketing have produced the most successful applications for employment, so they can reinvest their marketing money in the tactics that are most effective.


The Recruiting section of H-J’s website saw a 42% year over year increase in Organic search traffic, and even more importantly, a 143% year over year increase in job applications from organic search traffic. Today, the H-J Family of Companies continues to fill open positions, and can now operate more efficiently with access to all of the information they need to effectively optimize their recruiting strategy and adapt to future needs.

Services Used

Strategic Planning

Use digital planning to build projects over time and ensure success on your schedule.

Information Architecture

Website architecture determines how the content on your site fits together. Good website architecture will persuade site visitors that your business meets their needs.

Web Consulting

SteadyRain's web consulting services provide a rigorous process for understanding your business's marketing needs so that your website supports your company.

Website Analytics Services

SteadyRain is provides a variety of website analytics services that will give you a clear picture of how well your digital marketing campaign is connecting with visitors.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing will helps you stand out when it's most important. Our paid search experts will create a comprehensive campaign tailored to your goals.

User Interface Design

Good user interface design and user experience design work together to make your site visitors convert. SteadyRain creates website interface design that makes businesses more successful.

Design to Template

Already know how to reach your target audience and have a design in-hand? SteadyRain's production team can take it from here – recommending the CMS solutions that make sense for your business and providing needed CSS services.

Content Styling

At SteadyRain, our production team uses its experience and expertise to help our clients choose the best modules and other assets to present visuals and then develops these tools with brand precision.

User Experience Design

Strategic user experience design provides visitors with easy avenues to interact with the components the website along their way to fulfilling the ultimate goal of the site. SteadyRain focuses on targeted information architecture planning and user interface design to help your site effectively engage visitors.

Marketing Website

A marketing website is the first impression potential customers have about your brand online. What do they see? It’s more important than ever for your brand to establish an identity through a marketing website that meets user’s expectations on both desktops and mobile devices.

Web Applications

SteadyRain’s web application development team creates custom solutions and utilizes proven technology practices to ensure successful digital strategy for our clients. Our web application architecture engages targeted audiences and saves clients time and money while increasing customer-relation efficiency.

Responsive Web Design

Our design & development team will make sure your website is compatible across multiple devices.

Website Maintenance

SteadyRain provides comprehensive website analysis for clients to ensure their businesses effectively connect with target audiences.