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Extranet solutions create an efficient and convenient customer experience by providing valuable information securely online. Common extranet development applications include eLearning, sales team support, account review, client announcements, task automations, customer service interactivity, online payment and more. For example, the banking industry exemplifies extranet success through its digital centralization of balance inquiries, fund transfers, statement delivery and even purchase of foreign currency. Your business can build a similar communications platform to better reach target audiences and ultimately, increase revenue.

Save time and money by providing self-services and enhanced online functionality for your target audiences. Build a strategic extranet with SteadyRain today.

SteadyRain focuses on increasing customer satisfaction with custom extranet development tailored to specific business goals and target audience needs, contributing to the gain of a competitive edge for clients. As communication with customers, vendors and partners becomes more efficient and engaging, costs lower and focus can shift to more important business strategies and targets. We emphasize strategic information architecture based on careful consideration of target audience needs, their calls-to-action and triggers, for increased engagement and online conversions.

Effectively cater to your customer needs with less effort and resources. Contact SteadyRain for custom branded extranet services.

Whether clients seek extranet services for a completely new solution or enhancements for a current implementation, SteadyRain approaches each project with their end business goals in mind, keeping strategy on point and development costs on-budget. Our experience in a variety of platforms, middleware authoring and customization tactics allows for streamlined extranet solutions, also increasing online efficiency for clients.

Provide a secure resource to engage your target audiences without overextending your staff. Automate these processes online with SteadyRain’s strategic extranet development today.



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Unlike many development agencies that immediately jump into the development process, SteadyRain focuses on matching a client’s business goals, target audience needs and existing digital resources with appropriate e-commerce solutions.

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SteadyRain offers comprehensive digital strategies for your website, including content management, UX/UI design, hosting, and digital marketing services to build your business. Are you ready to build your online presence with us?

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