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User interface (UI) design refers to the visual elements of a website, mobile app or software. Often confused with user experience design, which describes how these components work together to create an experience for a website visitor, user interface concerns physical website features.

Examples of visual elements included under user interface are:

  • Input controls: checkboxes, list boxes, buttons
  • Navigational/informational components: slider, tags, icons, progress bar, message boxes, modal windows
  • Containers & accordions

Benefits of a Seamless User Interface Design

Once familiar with a website interface, users are more easily able to take actions such as completing a form, sending messages, or completing a desired task. Benefits of having well-developed UI design are:

  • Guiding users to complete actions or tasks smoothly and efficiently via interactive elements
  • Ensuring the transference of a brand’s visual assets
  • Enhancing the user’s overall experience and satisfaction with the product

User Interface Design Process

At SteadyRain, our UI design philosophy focuses on target audience engagement while making sure the product interface provides a consistent brand image. The UI design process includes the following steps:

  • Understand the client’s business goals. SteadyRain’s team of strategists and designers meet with clients for an accurate understanding of your business objectives.
  • Understand target users’ goals, skills, preferences, and tendencies.
  • Develop a UI design strategy. Once the ideal product user is properly understood, our team can begin to strategize engaging user interface design to help clients gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. This crucial step takes place before website development begins to save clients on redesign costs and valuable time while keeping the project within its planned scope.

Fancy buttons are worthless if they don’t engage the right visitors. Contact SteadyRain today to grow your business by connecting with your target audiences.


Other UI/UX Design Services

Web Content Management

A successful web content management system integration allows for easy editing of a website’s content. It also eases the pain typically associated with database and content management. SteadyRain works with our clients to leverage the power of CMS solutions to manage website content quickly and efficiently.

User Experience Design

Strategic user experience design provides visitors with easy avenues to interact with the components the website along their way to fulfilling the ultimate goal of the site. SteadyRain focuses on targeted information architecture planning and user interface design to help your site effectively engage visitors.

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