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Transparent, Actionable Digital Marketing Analytics Services

One of the reasons many of our clients come to us for digital marketing services is because they cannot accurately measure performance of traditional marketing efforts. The sheer amount of data available via a digital marketing program can make it difficult to understand the story the data is telling, reveal insights and transform it into actionable results.

Another reason our clients partner with us is that their current agency or team isn’t as focused on website analytics and reporting. The SteadyRain digital marketing team prides itself on accurate reporting and creative analysis for each of our clients.

Digital marketing analytics services makes it easier to optimize everything from campaigns to on-page content. The digital marketing team at SteadyRain is highly experienced at studying website analytics and coming up with strategic next steps to address any issues and maximize traffic and conversions.

Learn more about our web analytics consulting services below. Or, contact the SteadyRain team today to discuss your specific needs and questions!

What is digital marketing analytics?

Website analytics monitor the way that users interact with a website through key performance indicators like unique pageviews, form submissions, organic landing page visits, and more. Digital marketing analytics includes the entire process of collection data, analyzing it, creating next steps, and reporting the data to our clients.

Our Process for Digital Marketing Analytics

Every month, SteadyRain provide each of our clients with, at a minimum, a monthly report to share performance from the previous month. We can also provide special reports on request from our clients.

We use tools including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Adobe Analytics, and ad platforms from Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn to report on website and campaign performance to our clients.

Our process for analyzing data goes a little something like this:

1. Populate the necessary data.

We compare data year-over-year and month-over-month. If creating the first report, we fill in data from the past for accurate comparison. Data points may include organic traffic, clicks on ads, conversions, amount money spent on campaigns, search impression share, and more.

2. Create visuals for easier understanding.

Each of our reports includes charts and tables that are easily understood at a glance. We don’t want our reports to be overwhelming. If you only have time for a glance, you can, but you also have the opportunity to dive deeper if you want.

3. Analyze the data.

Each of our monthly reports includes in-depth analysis on why specific events are happening. Why is organic traffic up year-over-year? Why is this specific page earning significantly more traffic than last month? Was there a referral from another site? Did an ad perform particularly well this month? Why?

4. Identify strategic next steps.

For SteadyRain, digital marketing analytics means nothing if you don’t identify next steps to address any issues or move to maximize positive growth. Our reports will always include recommended next steps for our team and yours to address in the coming weeks.

Partner with SteadyRain for Website Analytics

The SteadyRain team prides itself on high-quality analysis and transparency with our clients. Partner with us today to really dive into what is happening on your website, where you can improve, where the conversion points are, and more.

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