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Digital Recruitment Strategies & Services

Gone are the days when candidates find jobs in the newspaper or boldly walk into an office and say they’d like to work at your company. Candidates are almost exclusively finding new jobs online, but that means that you need a robust digital recruitment strategy in place so that your job posting can even be found among all the rest.

SteadyRain is here to help increase your visibility among target passive and active job candidate audiences. This results in building brand awareness, driving consideration of your company as a potential employer, and ultimately delivering increased job applications from qualified candidates.

Learn how we can help you recruit the best candidates for your open roles below with our digital recruitment strategies. Or, contact the SteadyRain team today to discuss your specific needs and questions!

Why are digital recruiting services important?

Searching for a job is a lot like searching for a product or service. Candidates want to know everything there is to know, they’re comparing companies and their benefits, location, the brand as a whole, and so much more before they commit or even show interest.

Digital recruitment strategies put together by experts like SteadyRain helps you promote job openings like a product or service. We help you show off the best assets, sharing brand information, and promoting benefits to excite potential candidates into applying.

Still not convinced about digital recruitment strategies? Imagine if you just post the job on your website—maybe even on LinkedIn or Indeed—and it’s the bare minimum qualifications you’re looking for and the daily responsibilities they’ll adopt. Maybe you include some benefit they’ll receive from the company.

Maybe you receive a handful of applications. A few are qualified, but neither of them are your ideal candidate. You are forced to choose the best-fit candidate from a small pool of imperfect candidates.

It might work out for both you and the candidate, but it might also become clear that they weren’t that good a fit from the get-go.

Imagine if the job opening had been promoted across multiple job boards, on social media, in emails, and optimized by digital recruitment experts. You might get hundreds of qualified applicants so you can find the right person the first time.

Our Digital Recruitment Strategy Process

SteadyRain works hard to understand our clients’ pain points in recruiting and hiring for open roles. We study your competitors to understand how they are positioning themselves digitally and how we can help you win more applicants.

We also perform audience research to identify where potential candidates are spending the most time online and how we can best target those demographics.

Then, we can put together full-scale digital recruitment strategies that are designed to attract top-tier candidates.

Learn more about our digital recruiting services and strategies below.

Competitive Research

To gain a better understanding competitors in terms of their recruitment efforts, SteadyRain performs competitive research for a handful of your competitors.

This allows us to understand the level of sophistication level of your competitors’ digital strategies. What does the recruitment playing field look like for your industry and the types of jobs you’re looking to fill? We also want to look at the digital marketing channels they’re using to promote their open roles.

Then, our team puts together a series of next steps based on competitive research, and this is how we begin to shape our digital recruitment strategies designed specifically for you.

Audience Research

Similar to our competitive research phase, we need to know everything we can about the potential candidates that make up the audience for our recruitment strategies.

Where do they spend most of their time online? What are keywords that are related to the potential job openings in the industry? What is the typical motivation behind applying for jobs in your industry?

All of this audience information helps us decide where to focus our digital recruitment efforts and how to target the right people.

Marketing Channel Recommendations

Marketing on the wrong channel can be as disastrous for your digital recruitment strategy as not marketing your job openings at all. Each channel has its own specific audience and strategy needs.

SteadyRain will identify during audience and competitor research what the most appropriate digital marketing channels for your company are. Marketing channels where we can effectively promote job openings include LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and Bing Ads, your website, job boards, YouTube, and more.

Promotion Setup & Management

Once all of our preliminary research and strategies are set, our digital marketing team can start implementing! We start writing ads and putting together creative assets to upload ads. We upload audiences to the platforms designated in the marketing channels recommendations phase, and we push “Publish” on those ads.

Once the ads go live, our team monitors ad spend and performance so we can optimize as needed while the campaigns run. We make sure to stay within budgets and optimize campaigns to keep attracting qualified candidates.

Find the Right Candidates with SteadyRain

Finding the right candidates can be tough, but what if they found you instead? Partner with SteadyRain to find qualified candidates through our proven digital recruitment strategies.

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