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Licensing for DNN, DNN Evoq Content, DNN Evoq Engage

DNN Software (formerly DotNetNuke) consistently serves businesses as the leading content management platform for ASP.NET. The platform allows businesses to build custom branding, functionality and user experiences for their unique target audiences and business goals, increasing opportunities for online revenue growth. To meet this client need, SteadyRain provides strategy, design and development for the following DNN (DotNetNuke) Software licenses:

DNN Evoq Content

This DNN solution functions as the platform’s content management system and provides all necessary components of a successful website. Its digital tools create a simple process for content managers to update copy and design elements within a website, keeping clients’ biggest digital resources fresh and engaging. SteadyRain has extensive experience building custom solutions with DNN (DotNetNuke) Evoq Content, from custom strategy to unique development focused on specific business goals and target audience needs.

DNN Evoq Social

To meet the growing need for online community solutions, DNN Evoq Social allows its members to connect and interact on a custom digital platform. The solution is even responsive to ensure all community members can enjoy its beneficial functionality on any device, enhancing target audience engagement. For clients interested in building their own social network, SteadyRain can strategize and develop a solution focused on specific business goals on the DNN (DotNetNuke) Evoq Social platform.

Ready to build your company’s own online community? Contact SteadyRain to get started on your DNN Evoq Social solution today.

DNN Enterprise

An upgraded and incredibly powerful version of the DNN (DotNetNuke) CMS, DNN Evoq Content: Enterprise allows for enhanced engagement opportunities. This includes SharePoint integration, e-commerce and amplified support. Large businesses find its scalability capabilities and extended capacities especially beneficial.

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