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Services Used
  • Strategic Planning
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • User Interface Design

Blade Technologies

Blade Technologies was looking to update an outdated site along with finding new ways to increase online presence and traffic. They wanted an easy to navigate and easy to understand user interface.

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This long-time Midwest technology and security consulting firm had not refreshed or even maintained their website in many years. Along with content growing stale, the design and technology behind the site was showing its age. Blade Technologies asked SteadyRain to update their online presence to reflect current branding, identity standards and service offerings while focusing on assisting them to drive lead flow through the site in creative ways.


SteadyRain leveraged our Professional Services solution to build a series of inter-related structured content types that allows the marketing and sales teams at Blade to quickly and easily update content on the site and have that content instantly be shared in the appropriate areas of the site. Creating smooth and easy movement of visitors between service areas, services, industry targets and platforms where they have a core competence. This including development audience-targeted areas of the site and industry-specific content merchandizing to build confidence with prospective customers.


Upon launch of the new marketing website, Blade Technologies immediately reported positive current-customer feedback around easy of use and accessibility of Client Tools and the Blade Storefront, both key self-service features within the website. Within the first month after launch the sales team reported that they had received more leads from the site in that four- (4-)week period than they had received from the old website within the previous twelve (12) months. Since this successful launch, Blade Technologies has tapped SteadyRain to take over both an ongoing organic search (SEO) campaign as well as management of all paid search (pay-per-click) campaigns which has created even more traffic, engagement and opportunity for the firm with audiences low in the marketing funnel and in immediate need of their professional IT and security services.

Services Used

Strategic Planning

Use digital planning to build projects over time and ensure success on your schedule.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing will helps you stand out when it's most important. Our paid search experts will create a comprehensive campaign tailored to your goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will help your business attract qualified leads. Create a B2B or B2C search engine optimization strategy with SteadyRain.

User Interface Design

Good user interface design and user experience design work together to make your site visitors convert. SteadyRain creates website interface design that makes businesses more successful.

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