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St. Louis Review

The St. Louis Review is a publication of St. Louis Archdiocese. They needed a new and improved website that could increase involvement for their online presence.

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The St. Louis Archdiocese needed a new digital solution for their publication, the St. Louis Review. Their site for the publication had an outdated look and feel. The site wasn’t pulling its weight to establish the organization’s digital reputation, because it was on a separate domain from the main St. Louis Archdiocese website. But the biggest problem for the Archdiocese team was that the publishing tool was inefficient. Their previous online publishing tool had many redundancies with their print publication, forcing them to duplicate work every time they published an article online and in print. They asked SteadyRain to help them create a solution that was more efficient for their workers and created a more engaging digital version of their magazine.


SteadyRain built a publication management system for the St. Louis Review that allows the Archdiocese team to publish articles, merchandise content across topics, and manage advertising, all within one tool. The publication management system makes it easier to publish articles online by using data integrations. Content is fed into the system from their print publication system, NewsEngin. To finish publishing the articles online, the Archdiocese team only has to update online metadata and tag the article properly. This cuts the team’s work time in half, and makes their processes much less complicated. The Publication Management System gives online readers many ways to enjoy the St. Louis Review. Publishers can organize content by publication issue, by topic, by author, and more. The Archdiocese team writes a new issue every week, and the St. Louis Review publication management system automatically updates the site homepage and features to reflect the content of the latest issue. One of the most powerful things about the St. Louis Review publication management system is that it shows users related and recommended content based on the articles they read. The articles in the publication management system have relationships with other articles in the same issue, and other articles on the same topic. These relationships generate links to suggested content at the bottom of all articles on the St. Louis Review, which encourages more in-depth reading and engagement with the magazine.


The St. Louis Review met the Archdiocese’s goal of increasing interest in news articles about Catholicism in St. Louis. In the first year after the launch of the new St. Louis Review, user interaction with online articles increased significantly. Pageviews per session increased by 33%, from 1.5 to 2 articles per session, and time spent reading articles increased 40%, from 1 minute per session to 1:24 per session. These increased metrics proved that the content merchandising features in the publication management system accomplish their intended purpose.

Services Used

Strategic Planning

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Web Consulting

SteadyRain's web consulting services provide a rigorous process for understanding your business's marketing needs so that your website supports your company.

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