Domain Portfolio Management - Part 4

WHOIS Record

In our previous article, we discussed the tools available to find a WHOIS record. No matter your tool of choice, the goal is to get to a WHOIS record. In this article we will discuss a local favorite’s WHOIS record, Gus’ Pretzels. Let’s review their record one section at a time.
Registration Service Provided By: Active-Domain LLC
Domain Registrar
A domain registrar is the organization that manages the domain. It, ultimately, is the organization that is paid annually for the renewal of the domain. Because of the number of levels involved in selling and reselling domains, many registrars will include a contact URL for the domain’s registry within the WHOIS record.
Domain Name
This has been covered in our previous articles. For more information please refer to Part I of our series.
Expiry Date: 19-Feb-2011
Expiry Date
This is, obviously, the date on which the domain will, technically, expire and once again become available for registration. In practice, this is the date on which a registrar begins the process of decommissioning a domain and returning it to the open market. However, it could take anywhere between thirty and ninety days to, actually, become available for registration.
Registrant Name: Gus Koebbe
Registrant Company:
Registrant Email Address: 
Registrant Address: 1820 Arsenal
Registrant City: St. Louis
Registrant State/Region/Province: 
Registrant Postal Code: 63118
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Tel No: +1.3146644010
Registrant Fax No: +1.3146644010
The registrant is the owner of the domain name. It is vital that if you own domains that this information be your information and not the information of your hosting provider, your web development firm, your computer friend, etc. Ultimately, not having your name in the registrant section means you do not own the domain name.
In our example here, Gus needs to update his company name to something other than the domain name. Most likely the legal name of the corporation or the fictitious name he has registered with the state. My educated guess is that it is not “” and, in fact, I’m sure that is not a recognized business entity anywhere in the United States. Likewise, the registrant’s email address is blank. This means that any communication about this domain, such as a renewal notification, will not be delivered to anyone at Gus’ organization. While most of this communication is directed to the administrative contact(see the next section), it is important to include an email address in your Registrant information.
Admin Name: Gus Koebbe
Admin Company:
Admin Email Address: 
Admin Address: 1820 Arsenal
Admin City: St. Louis
Admin State/Region/Province: 
Admin Postal Code: 63118
Admin Country: US
Admin Tel No: +1.3146644010
Admin Fax No: +1.3146644010
Administrative or Admin Contact
The administrative contact is, frankly, the individual or organization that has total control of your domain name. With access to the email account associated with a domain, an individual can, oftentimes, gain total control of your domain. Unfortunately for Gus, the administrator’s email address is blank here as well. This means that there is no way that the registrar to contact the domain administrator via email (for example in the case that the domain name is expiring). The admin email address is the single most important piece of data in your domain record. Lack of maintenance of this single piece of data can cause the loss or theft of your domain name.
Billing Contact
Not present in this particular WHOIS record, but oftentimes found within them, is a billing contact. This is simply the individual that will be contacted about the expiration/required renewal of a domain name. Oftentimes, after the administrative contact is contacted.
Tech Name: Gus Koebbe
Tech Company:
Tech Email Address: 
Tech Address: 1820 Arsenal
Tech City: St. Louis
Tech State/Region/Province: 
Tech Postal Code: 63118
Tech Country: US
Tech Tel No: +1.3146644010
Tech Fax No: +1.3146644010
Technical Contact
Though seldom used at by the registrars we use currently, this contact has remained a part of the WHOIS record and is meant to be the information for the organization that you’ve trusted to manage your domain name portfolio or website hosting. Due to the subordination that this contact has been relegated to by most registrars, it is normally ignored. I would recommend including a full record here if of your information and this should be completed for the admin contact as well. 
Name servers:
Name Servers
The names servers for a domain are the servers (computers) that provide the most up-to-date information about a domain. Oftentimes, this reflects a hosting company. Most often there is a primary and a secondary server only. In this case, there is a tertiary as well. In Gus’ case, as in many cases today, the name servers do not resolve a website at the www address ( This is common in hosting resale scenarios to attempt to mask the actual host of a site. In this case, a quick WHOIS lookup of points us to a hosting company called CentralInfo.Net. 
Once you’ve added all of your current domains to your portfolio tracking document and checked all of your domain or WHOIS records to be sure they are up-to-date, it is time tocontinue researching those that you don’t currently own, but you feel should be a part of your portfolio. We will discuss how to accomplish this in our next article.

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