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Boost Attendance at Online Events and Conferences

The world has changed a lot over the past year, especially for businesses. They have had to adapt to unusual circumstances and transition to the digital marketplace.

Along with day-to-day operations moving online, traditional in-person conferences that businesses rely on to connect with their customers have also went virtual.

Whether introducing new product lines or creating networking opportunities, these events have provided businesses with a unique space to bring awareness to their brands and promote their messaging.

As large gatherings have been discouraged, businesses have had to shift to online conferences and events out of necessity. Because conferences have gone virtual, there are new marketing challenges for hosts hoping to spread the word of their event.

Are you hosting a webinar or online conference soon and worried about your attendance rate? With the right digital marketing strategies, you can create a larger segment of your target audience, no matter what your webinar topic is.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a comprehensive term for a variety of marketing strategies that use the Internet and electronic devices to reach customers. The goal of digital marketing is to build brand awareness, attract leads, nurture leads, and drive sales. Some of the strategies involved in digital marketing include:

Digital marketing may be part of your general product and service marketing strategy, but did you know it can also be effectively used for webinar promotion?

Increasing an Event’s Visibility on a Business’ Website

Digital marketing should be part of any webinar or online conference budget.

By reallocating a portion of your event budgeting to digital marketing, you can increase your conversion rate, grow the number of webinar attendees and increase event revenue and brand awareness.

If you plan to use digital marketing to encourage customers to sign up for your event, you need a place for them to register and learn more about your event.

A digital marketing strategy does little good if you send users to your home page. Before using any tactics, a landing page promoting your event should be developed, containing calls to action and everything your target audience needs to get excited about your event.

Your existing webpages can be used to direct returning users to learn more about your virtual event.

Consider a colorful banner at the top of the home page or a popup box that prompts visitors to get more details, or, visit your event page.

With a landing page in place, your brand can employ more aggressive digital marketing tactics, such as social media promotion, remarketing and display, email drip campaigns, content marketing and paid search ads.

All of these tactics, combined with a useful goal-oriented landing page can drive greater turnout for your online event.

Promoting Your Virtual Event Through a Variety of Platforms

It's common for businesses to use multiple digital marketing tactics in unison to create more buzz around their online event.

  • Remarketing Ads can showcase your event on the Google Display network to customers who have already established brand awareness. These ads can stand out and attract users as they browse popular websites.
  • People love Social Media. Facebook and other platforms can be used promote your event to both existing and potential customers. Organic social media posts can promote your landing page to existing customers. Paid social media campaigns can be used to seriously expand your reach and create a viral buzz.
  • Content Marketing can get people excited about your virtual event, and can be paired with your social media efforts. Blog posts can be written about key topics being covered at the conference. Influencers speaking at your event can be highlighted. The content possibilities are endless.
  • Paid Search can be used to reach users searching for specific conference topics, and can be an affordable way to reach new users.
  • Email Marketing is an extremely strong tactic for event marketers. With email, you can reach potential attendees at every stage of the funnel. Start by creating awareness about your event. Showcase your keynote speakers. Provide customers with time-sensitive reminder emails and discount codes.

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