Three Tips to Inspire More Clicks in PPC Campaigns on Google


By Ann Ehnert
Originally published on Marketing Profs, May 9, 2012.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in Google provide great opportunities for businesses to appear in search results for targeted keywords and to direct visitors to landing pages. But the optimization fun doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop there.

After your team optimizes ad titles, URLs, and copy, consider the following three ideas for encouraging even more clicks on your ads.

1. Incorporate sitelink ads extension.
Sitelinks ads are URLs that appear with your paid search campaign but are separate from the title, URL, and ad copy. The sitelinks live right under your PPC ad, and they provide additional suggestions to your target audience. The titles can be customized to include specific keywords or calls to action to further engage your potential customers.

2. Aim for the seller ratings extension. |
Seller ratings appended to a PPC ad are positive reviews of online stores that are aggregated by Google Product Review from several online review sites. Not every PPC ad will be eligible for this opportunity right away. (Google has a set of criteria that your business must meet to have your reviews appear along with your ad.)

Here’s the scoop: Once your online business achieves 30 reviews with a four-star rating on Google Product Search, it is eligible to have the seller ratings extension. There is no work on your end to start showing the seller ratings.

3. Include social extensions.
Consider joining the forces of Google+ with your AdWords account. This will allow those users who have +1’d your page to appear below the ad copy. That not only highlights your presence on the social network but also lets your visitors know that other users have noticed or recognized your services and continue to follow you, thus increasing your organization’s online reputation.

Setting up is easy as pie. Once you have created and verified a Google+ Business Page, go to your AdWords account, and click on the “Ad Extensions.” Once there, you will see an option for “social extensions,” which will allow you to paste in the verified Google+ Business page URL. And that’s all there is to it!

And this is just the beginning. Once your PPC ads are up and running, continue to be proactive in the management of the campaign and seek ways of improving.

 What other optimization tools are you using to boost your ROI?

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