Google’s Core Vitals Update & How It Impacts Your SEO Potential

Google's Core Vitals Update Banner

Expected in 2021, Google is introducing Core Web Vitals as a new component to its algorithm. Core Vitals are a set of real-world experience metrics that will join other user experience metrics that already exist, such as mobile friendliness, and usage of HTTPS.

Core Vitals work hand-in-hand with page speed, which has been a component of Google’s algorithm on desktops since 2010. Realizing the drastic shift in user behavior favoring smaller screens, Google extended its usage of page load speed as a ranking factor to mobile devices in 2018.

Google’s Core Vital expectations add another interesting wrinkle to both the web development and search engine optimization (SEO) management process and should be considered as essential items to review and address moving forward.

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Yahoo Enters New Search Partnership with Google

Last month, Yahoo released its Q3 earnings report. During the call with investors, the search company also took the opportunity to drop some big news: they have entered into a search and advertising deal with Google.

For years, Yahoo and Bing were joined at the hip trying to dethrone Google, with Bing providing organic and paid algorithmic search services on Yahoo. The companies also had a revenue sharing agreement. This partnership with Bing is still in place, despite the new Google deal.

Yahoo is on its way to becoming a melting pot of various paid and search algorithms.

The company is viewing the Google deal as an opportunity to be more flexible with its search services. Searching on Yahoo will now either net you organic results and/or ads from any of Google & Adwords, Bing & Bing Ads or Yahoos’ own search algorithms & its own native ad platform Gemini.

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Small PPC Budget? How to Make Low Cost PPC Work for Your Business

You don’t need a million dollar budget to be successful in PPC. Paid search isn’t a one-size solution for digital marketers. We know the needs and resources of every company are different.

Overall, paid search is one of your safest bets for generating a strong ROI through digital marketing efforts, especially if your company is a little fish in a big pond that has trouble ranking organically for key phrases related to your industry in your niche market.

Smaller companies naturally have smaller budgets, and for paid search, that is OK if you know how to tailor your campaigns to fit your goals. Even if you only have a couple hundred bucks per month available to dedicate to PPC, the channel can pay big dividends if you know how to stretch every dollar to reach its max potential.

Let our Digital Marketing team show you how even a small budget account can have big success using Google Adwords! 

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How to Optimize Blog Posts: 8 SEO Tips for Bloggers

How to Optimize Blog Posts - 8 SEO Tips for Bloggers

A client of ours asked us how they should go about optimizing his blog posts to help drive more traffic to his site, so we figured we would answer their question with a blog post so they and others like you can use it for reference.

Getting web pages to rank on the first page of Google takes work. A lot of work. If it were easy then you probably wouldn’t be reading this, and we most certainly wouldn’t be offering SEO services here at SteadyRain.

Below we will discuss 8 SEO tips that can (and will) help increase relevant, targeted traffic to your website. 

Let’s dive in.

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10 Things to Watch Out For When Hiring an SEO Firm

There are many top SEO companies out there, but often times, companies will go straight to whoever is ranking number one in Google at the time. It only makes sense that if they do SEO so well for themselves and appear in the number one spot that they can do this for your company as well.

This isn’t always the case, and just like any B2B service, one quick Google search isn’t doing enough due diligence. After all, your website is perhaps the single most important marketing asset at your disposal.

SEO is not a one-size fits all solution, and not everyone does it the same way. Top SEO companies understand this. If you’re looking for an SEO firm, there are plenty of questions to ask and reasons to be skeptical of certain promises made in an effort to secure your business.

Here are 10 things to be mindful of when searching for an SEO firm. Top SEO companies don’t do these things.

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Panda Proof Your Website In Time For 4.2

A new Panda update could be a real bear for website owners with low-quality content and a large amount of advertising. 

According to Search Engine Land, the latest Panda Update, the 30th to Google’s Panda algorithm began to roll out last week, and will continue to do so slowly, affecting 2-3% of all web queries. This is the first official Panda refresh in more than 10 months, giving webmasters who were previously penalized a new chance, had they made the correct changes to their site, while others could see a dip in their rankings for the first time. Unlike other Panda rollouts, this one is being implemented slowly, and few webmasters have noticed a difference. They might not be out of the bamboo-riddled forest quite yet though. 

 Here are five ways to start Panda-Proofing your website!

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The "No Surprises Rule" for Project Management & How We Keep Projects on Track

A truly impressive feat of development definitely doesn't happen overnight. 

In fact, it usually happens over the course of weeks, months and sometimes even years. For that reason, one of the most critical components of any project we take on at SteadyRain is project management. 

Setting a strategy, planning timelines and budgets, managing both internal and external communications all while wrangling resources and striving to create high-quality, impactful web products takes a lot of organization, teamwork ... and the right attitude.

Partner Thompson Knox shared what he views as the most critical element of Project Management success on Donald Blog and let's just say it includes a catchphrase we've all come to know and love here at SteadyRain.

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