Bluetooth 4.0: Connecting the World One Mobile Device at a Time

mobile app developmentAs consumers want more and more control over their physical world with their smartphones, Bluetooth 4.0 and the Internet of Things is quietly infiltrating the mobile development world. Unfortunately, the technology isn’t widely understood – most consumers don’t even realize Bluetooth is behind their connected apps, working in the background to provide an enhanced user experience.

To give you an idea of why Bluetooth 4.0 is having such an effect on the mobile development realm, we’ve outlined its uses and functionality, including its opportunities for high efficiency, universal capabilities and effect on a wide variety of industries.

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Engage Your Target Audiences with Mobile Marketing Strategies

mobile marketing strategyOn Tuesday, a few members of our team attended the St. Louis Business Expo. As a Gold Sponsor, SteadyRain supported the event with a booth presence and through a seminar for its attendees. VP of Mobile Strategy, Joe Marcallini, provided a presentation on engaging target audiences with mobile marketing strategies. We'd love to share this information with you. 

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Not Provided Jumps to Paid Search, Twitter's New Design and More: Today’s Tech News Thursday

seo st. louisIn this week's Tech News Thursday, we highlight Twitter's new design update, Google's decision to restrict access to paid search keyword data, Microsoft's video public display of affection for its OneNote for Mac app and more. Catch up on the week's biggest technology news here.

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A Walk Through Twitter Card Analytics: Uncover What Works & Take Action

social media marketing st. louisLast week we provided an introductory guide to Twitter Cards and how to use them to enhance your social media strategy. Now we're focusing on how to use data from your campaigns to determine how to fine-tune your strategy and optimize your social campaigns.  

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Universal Analytics, IE11 on Mobile and More: Today’s Tech News Thursday

digital strategy st louisAre you a little behind on your technology stories? Don't worry - you can catch up quickly here. In this week's TNT, we're highlighting Microsoft's updates, from its decision to make Windows licensing free for some manufacturers to pushing IE11 to the mobile platform. Our team also discusses Gmail's testing of new features, including a grid-view for the promotions tab and an email snooze button. Catch up on the hottest stories of the week here. 

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Getting Carded: An Introduction to Twitter Cards

social media marketing strategyAre you using Twitter Cards as a part of your social media marketing strategy? Implemented with just a simple line of code on your website, this new tool can greatly increase content effectiveness, especially for e-commerce businesses. Check out our introductory guide to learn more about Twitter Cards and how they can boost follower engagement.

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Oculus Rift, First Follower and More: Today’s Tech News Thursday

tech news st louisCheck out our latest Tech News Thursday post to catch up on the hottest stories of the week. Here's your sneak peek - Facebook bought Oculus Rift. Most of the Internet is mad about it. Twitter made a few small changes, mostly in an effort to be more like Facebook. Speaking of Twitter, more mobile users like Instagram than the social network. We included a post on Google Analytics customizations to improve your e-commerce sales and improve your conversion rate. 

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