Oculus Rift, First Follower and More: Today’s Tech News Thursday

tech news st louisCheck out our latest Tech News Thursday post to catch up on the hottest stories of the week. Here's your sneak peek - Facebook bought Oculus Rift. Most of the Internet is mad about it. Twitter made a few small changes, mostly in an effort to be more like Facebook. Speaking of Twitter, more mobile users like Instagram than the social network. We included a post on Google Analytics customizations to improve your e-commerce sales and improve your conversion rate. 

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Your First Tweet, OneNote and More: Today’s Tech news Thursday

digital strategy and technology news st louisIn this week's curation of the latest technology news, we highlight Google's adaptive tactics for paid search on mobile, Microsoft's OneNote launch, the hot new wearable tech, Twitter's 8th birthday celebration and more. 

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Mobile Advertising Spend Grows, But App Usage Presents Challenge To Google

mobile advertisingAs consumers continue to shift from desktop to mobile web browsing, presenting online marketers and search engines with the challenge of staying ahead of the curve. 

The SteadyRain online marketing team explains the effect of this shift in the digital landscape on the future of paid search, focusing on Google's struggles with adapting to mobile app usage.

Learn more about how the paid search industry is acclimating here.


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The Internet Turns 25 and more: Today’s Tech News Thursday

tech news st. louisAre you behind on this week's technology news? We've got the hottest stories here. 

In this week's Tech News Thursday, we highlight the Internet's silver birthday, NASA's code contest, the first dual-boot phone release, Yahoo's new default to secure search and more.

Get caught up on your online marketing, digital strategy, mobile and web development news here! 

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Secure Search The New Default on Yahoo: Good for Consumers, Bad For Marketers

secure search st. louisIn light of the NSA, Secure Search is quickly becoming the new normal for large search engines, and while it is mostly a positive for consumers, the new settings can give marketers headaches. Following Google’s lead in September, Yahoo, which owns 11% of the search engine market share in the US began to roll out its own Secure Search platform in https, encrypting most keyword data on the back end.

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The App that Smells Like Bacon, Ellen’s Record-breaking Tweet and more: Today’s Tech news Thursday

Tech News St. LouisIn this week's Tech News Thursday, we highlight the new mobile app that wakes you up with the smell of bacon, Ellen deGeneres' record-breaking mulch-celebrity selfie, a game-changing development within the digital image industry, tech giant partnerships and more.

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WhatsApp, E-Commerce SEO Tips and more: Today's Tech News Thursday

Tech News St. LouisCatch up on this week's tech news here! We've highlighted Microsoft's OneDrive launch, Facebook's $19 billion acquisition and more!

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