5 Starting Points for a Local Search Strategy

For businesses with physical stores that rely on foot traffic, local search is an essential cornerstone of an online marketing strategy. 24 percent of all searches have local intent, and in order for these searchers to find your local business, steps must be taken to optimize your company’s online presence. The following five tips are an excellent place to start.

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User Interface (UI) Design, iOS 7, Local Search Infographics & More: Today’s Tech News Thursday

In this week's Tech News Thursday, we discuss infusing your web development tactics with great calls-to-action, designing a user interface for your target audience, local search tactics and resources, developing content marketing with varying lengths and more. 

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iOS 7 from A Developer’s Perspective: An Interview with SteadyRain Mobile Developer Jason Graves

We sat down with the Director of Mobile Development here at SteadyRain to learn more about the new operating system and get his opinion on what’s to come, app trends to watch out for and what an operating system update means for an app developer.

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Tech News Thursday: August 8

In this week's Tech News Thursday, we discuss the changing landscape of location-based advertising, disavowing bad links, online brand defense through protection of domain portfolios and more. 

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Digital Opportunities: Highlighted In-depth Articles in Search Results

To enhance experience for Google search users longer, high-quality content will now be highlighted in an “In-depth Articles” section. These articles will be determined by a new ranking algorithm that measures content length, quality and usefulness.

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How to Create & Defend Your Brand’s Domain Portfolio

In the increasingly crowded online space, protecting your brand and taking a defensive and proactive approach to brand management continues to become more and more important.  An often forgotten but always important aspect of online brand defense is the management of your brand’s domain portfolio, or all of the domain names related to your brand.

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Tech News Thursday: August 1

In this week's Tech News Thursday, #TNT, we discuss the history of SEO, mobile ecommerce trends, Twitter tips, embeddable Facebook posts and more.

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