The Ins and Outs of Email

Email remains one of the most widely used form of digital communication. Despite the growth of other messaging services, apps and platforms, email has stood the test of time for both personal and professional use. Despite the ubiquity of this form of communication, businesses and individuals continue to struggle with execution - both from a content and technological standpoint.

Therefore, we've put together what we're calling the "ins and outs of email" - a guide created by a developer that knows the nuts and bolts of how email works and how to leverage it for successful business communications.

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? The Google Mobile Update is Coming April 21st

User-experience has always been one of the most important criteria upon which Google evaluates a website when determining whether or not to give it a strong organic listing for popular queries. One of the major user trends Google has seen over the past several years is the growth of mobile – and one of their largest concerns is providing an excellent mobile experience to users on a universal level.

For several years now, both Google and digital strategy providers like SteadyRain have been pushing webmasters and brand managers to provide a great mobile experience by championing responsive web design because mobile searches control nearly 50% of the search market share.

Now, Google is pushing even harder by throwing down a challenge with the latest Google Mobile Update that is sure to shake up the search results in an even larger fashion than its predecessors Penguin and Panda. 

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Getting out of the Google Penalty Box – A Case Study

One of our clients was having an outstanding year in 2014, our first full year providing them with SEO services. Their organic traffic kept increasing month-over-month and year-over-year through October, when organic visitor counts were up 103% year-over-year compared to 2013.

In November, traffic decreased 26% month-over-month, but was still up year-over-year by more than 60%. Organic traffic slipped again in December, along with keyword rankings and impression counts in Google Webmaster Tools.

Google had given our client’s site a manual penalty.


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Avoid Duplicate Content to Improve SEO Performance With DNN

Duplicate Content in DNNYou can have perfect keywords. You can have amazing content and a user-friendly navigation. That’s great.  Unfortunately, even a great looking website can have duplicate content. Unless you know how to fix it, those great things about your website aren’t as valuable as they could be. 

Did you know duplicate content can drain the value of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts?

A great piece of content is meant to stand alone, with 100 percent of its associated link value residing in one centralized location. After all, it is just one piece of content among many within your website.

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Remarketing For Search: Using RLSAs to Capture Conversions

remarketing rlsasMarketers are always after the one that got away. The potential customer who filled their cart and then left without making a purchase. The potential B2B lead who spent more than three minutes on your site researching specific product areas but failed to convert. Learn more about RLSAs in this edition of Digital Clarity.

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Twitter's Overhaul, a Boom for Brands on Instagram and More: This Week's Tech News Thursday

technology news st. louisWelcome to Tech News Thursday, a compilation of the latest technology news. If you want to catch the best mobile development, web design, online marketing, digital strategy recommendations and more in one place, this is the weekly list for you.

This week's highlights include big changes for Twitter, a boom in engagement for brands on Instagram and more.

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Parallax Scrolling and SEO: Drawbacks & Considerations

Parallax Scrolling and SEOParallax scrolling websites are all the rage these days. It’s considered by some to be the hottest new technique in web design, but do parallax scrolling and SEO mix?  

A Parallax scrolling website makes use of new technologies, such as HTML5 and CSS3. These websites involve the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect s you scroll up and down the page. 

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