SteadyRain to Offer SharePoint Training Courses Taught by Microsoft Certified Solutions Master

We are pleased to announce that SteadyRain will be offering
SharePoint Training courses through 2ConnectU, an educational series for the advancement of clients in the field of digital technology. The SharePoint courses will be taught by our Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Porter, who is a Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint.

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Human Interaction, Next Big Google Ranking Factor?

The search engine optimization industry has been hit with a number of significant changes over the last twelve months.  First, Google introduced Panda, an algorithm update aimed at lowering the ranks of thin sites with little content and sites containing large amounts of advertising, seeking to boost higher quality sites with rich content. Panda was followed shortly by Penguin, which was developed to target and penalize sites with unnatural linking practices. 

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Google Reader Heads to the Vaults

On the heels of Google’s announcement last week that it is adding Google Reader to the list of eight products scheduled to hit the vaults this summer, many are scrambling to find a worthy alternative.


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Mobile Trends Forcing the Reevaluation of Email Marketing

It’s no secret that smartphone and tablet usage continues to climb as consumers shift from traditional desktop computing to on-the-go email, social media and web surfing.  Marketers are now being forced to rethink their strategy when it comes to design and distribution as their audience moves further and further away from webmail clients as their central platform.

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Content Curation: Boost Content Marketing with Best Practices

Creating an extensive library of original content is highly labor intensive and most companies just do not have access to the copywriting resources to churn out and sustain wholly fresh content for the long-term.  So in addition to the original content they generate, many companies are beginning to curate content that they can then roll into their internet strategies for future use.  

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AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Now or Later?

Recently, Google made noise in the paid search marketing arena when they announced their newest update to AdWords, Enhanced Campaigns.  Good or bad, the enhancements have been met by mixed reviews from online marketing professionals.  The changes they are seeing are focused mostly on the updated functionality with mobile marketing, specifically targeting tablets, scheduling and bids based on geography. But whether these changes are to be positive or negative long term, it’s too soon to say.  The current question now is, should you upgrade immediately, or hold off until you are eventually forced to do so.

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Why Facebook Exchange (FBX) Has Search Marketers So Excited

As search marketers, we are constantly being bombarded with an array of new tools, tactics, and algorithm updates. Very seldom does something come along that is considered a game changer but in our opinion, Facebook Exchange is just that. The Facebook Exchange or FBX is a media exchange that allows marketers to make display media buys using real time bidding (RTB) based on third party data.

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