Facebook Graph Search Brings Big Opportunity for Bing Ads

 The latest product announcement coming out of Menlo Park (Facebook headquarters) is Facebook’s answer to search. Graph Search allows users to perform searches within Facebook and utilizes their social graph to populate the results.

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Conducting a Technical Analysis to Set the Stage for SEO in 2013

The start of a new year is the perfect time to go back to the basics and evaluate the foundational elements of your search engine optimization strategy. To set the stage for a successful SEO campaign in the coming year, a great place to start is by conducting a technical analysis of your website and web presence.

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Digital Clarity - The Best of 2012!

As 2013 begins, it's time to look back at some of the most memorable posts from the past year. Just from a quick glance, a lot has happened within mobile, development, and online marketing!

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Microsoft Opens Beta Version of "Socl" Social Network

In May 2012, Microsoft announced its new social network, Socl, with limited audience access. And just two days ago, Socl opens the beta version to the public. Sign up in a pinch with the option to create an account via Facebook or your Microsoft account.

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2ConnectU Now Offers SharePoint Training

We are pleased to announce that SteadyRain will be offering SharePoint Training services through 2ConnectU, an educational series for the advancement of clients in the field of digital technology. The SharePoint courses will be taught by our Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Porter, who is a Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint. 

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The Benefits of a Mobile-Focused PPC Campaign

Smartphone usage in the U.S. is on the rise and smartphone owners are increasingly turning to search engines to search for products and information. Marketers can reasonably expect 20-25% of all clicks on text ads will come from mobile devices in 2013. Developing a mobile specific paid search strategy is critical in ensuring that your PPC dollars are well spent. 

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DNN World 2012 with SteadyRain

Today kicks off DNN World 2012! We are very excited to announce that Thompson Knox and Bryan Porter will be in attendance this year with a very exclusive offer, brought to you by your favorite DNN Gold Partner, SteadyRain!

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