Email Marketing – Is It Worth It?

With all the buzz currently surrounding mobile marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and social media, some companies are wondering if email marketing can still serve a purpose. The important thing to remember is that this somewhat “traditional” digital marketing tactic is actually an important piece of the marketing puzzle that can serve as the glue to several other initiatives.

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Curious about HTML5 for Mobile Development?

As this new technology evolves, HTML5 definitely bring a few advantages to mobile development. Specifically designed to provide enhanced web applications as well as improving overall usability, HTML5 has a few key features and overall improvements that companies interested in a mobile strategy should look towards for their next development:

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Google+ Vanity URLs for Profiles and Pages

It was reported yesterday that Google+ will begin the process of offering vanity URLs to a selected group of verified pages and profiles. According to Saurabh Sharma’s Google+ page, “A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+.”

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Google Experiments with Google Analytics

As Google Optimizer sunsets, Content Experiments was introduced to Google Analytics. With Content Experiments, marketers are able to execute A/B tests on websites with simple set up that are focused on a singular goal. The ability to have A/B testing integrated into Google Analytics already provides marketers the ability to continually measure and further optimize their efforts with the ultimate goal of increasing ROI.

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Improving the Mobile Experience One Best Practice at a Time

A mobile-optimized website is great to have for your targeted audiences; however without observing best practices or understanding what a mobile visitor requires from a mobile website will only leave your solution partially complete.

We asked Joe Marcallini, SteadyRain’s VP of Internet Strategy what he feels are the most important best practices to consider with your mobile strategy. With using Google’s mobile best practices as the framework to build upon, here is Joe’s Top Five List:

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4 Insights Into Enterprise Social Media

 Let’s face it – there are so many platforms that currently exist, as well as new networks that seem to pop up every other week, that it can seem confusing and overwhelming when deciding on an Online Marketing strategy. Although organization is key, reporting is essential, and increasing engagement and ROI is the goal, the actual act of participating on social media networks for large organizations can create several challenges. We have captured a few beneficial insights that can be put into immediate practice for the beginning of an enterprise social media strategy:

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Google Analytics at Your Fingertips

On June 29, 2012, Google launched the Google Analytics app for Android in the Google Play store. Currently, there are four (4) mobile optimized reports that you can access and swipe through in the mobile app:

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