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The Great Debate: Android vs iPhone

Deciding the type of smartphone to purchase for personal use is a topic of great debate behind the walls of SteadyRain. Advocates for Android and iPhone appear, sharing strong opinions as to why one platform is better than the other. However, in our digital agency, no smartphone decision is ever wrong.

We reached out to the mobile department and asked two team members, Joe and Jason, to share their personal views on the great debate of Android vs iPhone.

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Facebook Timeline: 5 Big Changes For Business Pages

As Facebook Business Pages start to settle in to the new timeline, there are a few important things all businesses need to acknowledge during this transition.

Several new features will be introduced, which will enhance the business’ overall presence on the social network. Consider these five changes and how they could help improve your overall online marketing strategy.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Expand Your Reach with Paid Social Advertising

Social media has changed the way businesses interact with new and existing customers on the Web and has become a powerful marketing tool. Several industries rely heavily on word of mouth marketing to drive new customers.

Social media has transformed word of mouth, turning the traditional marketing approach into an enhanced real-time source of sharing information. It has become critically important for businesses to participate in social media and provided consumers with a way to instantly interact with the business and other consumers. Reaching new customers through social media can be done organically over time and through paid advertising.

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6 Ways to Optimize Videos for Organic Search

Currently, videos share a significant amount of organic search space with text content, and the importance of optimizing this content is great. If you are using the video on the web, whether it is for online marketing purposes, public DIY clips, or highlighting your business’ culture, don’t forget to optimize the made-for-public video with these techniques. Give your video the best chance of being found online by your future customers.

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SteadyRain's Online Marketing Featured On Marketing Sherpa

We did it again! We are very excited to announce that our ongoing Landmark Bank search engine marketing campaigns were selected as a featured case study on Marketing Sherpa this March.

Did you get a chance to read about Landmark's award-winning success?

Be sure to read it on Marketing Sherpa today!