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As Google strives to ensure it crawls and ranks the best content on the web, webmasters can help contribute to the effort by correctly using the nofollow attribute on certain types of content they link to. To learn more about the nofollow attribute is and for ideas on when and how to use it, check out this infographic.

Have you heard about recent changes and upgrades to the standard Google Analytics features? Aptly named Universal Analytics, the new code tracks data from any digital device, simplifies configuration options and allows for custom dimensions.  Don’t see the new features in your account? You can upgrade yourself.  Let us know what features you like best in a comment below.

Calls-to-action may be the most important elements on a web page. The point of agonizing over digital content and providing valuable information to website visitors is to get them to convert – by contacting you, downloading something or taking some kind of action. Struggling to develop strong, click-worthy CTAs? Check out this guide to 11 components of a successful call-to-action.


On Tuesday, Apple made several announcements, including the presentation of its newest tablet. Lighter and faster than its predecessors, the iPad Air aims to attract a slightly different target audience. Interested in the numbers? Here’s how it measures up to the competition.

Earlier this year, Google warned developers and marketers that the mobile experience for website visitors would start to effect rankings. It appears this change has taken effect. Luckily, Google points out smartphone errors, so you developers and marketers need to work together to create an optimal browsing experience for mobile visitors to maintain and/or improve rankings.  

Social Media

Social media management, when done correctly, takes a lot of time and energy.  Marketers need to ensure that their focus is on the best network for their business. A new study shows that two-thirds of traffic to corporate websites from social media is from LinkedIn. It may be time to update your strategy for this social network to capture those leads. 

Pinterest’s valuation has reached $3.8 billion, doubling its worth in less than one year. The social media giant plans to launch in ten new countries. If the social network provides a unique opportunity to show off your brand in images and you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, it may be time to rethink your strategy.  

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