As we begin to settle into 2012, we look forward at the necessary components, which will comprise New Year strategies. At SteadyRain, our strategists compiled a list of the most important trends to consider as your strategies move into the new year. From online marketing to mobile development and internet strategy, we have you covered!


Growth of HTML5, Hybrid and Cross-Platform Apps
With frustrations among developers and IT staff at organizations, it is inevitable that the mobile web will one day mimic the path of the web.  The days of buying software at CompUSA are long gone.  Everything is SAAS (Software as a Service) these days.  It is economical, efficient and secure. 

NFC Technology and Mobile Commerce Consideration
Mobile point of sale has been a hot topic and will continue to be as we move into 2012.  Mobile commerce (mCommerce) lends itself to consumer tracking, including mobile coupons and location based service offerings. 
With the number of smartphone owners growing at an increasing rate, and the convenience of NFC, more organizations that require ecommerce operations will eagerly adopt the technology and be in front of the on-the-go consumers.
Maintain Legacy URLs
As your site content changes, you will remove pages from your site.  It is important, especially for promotions and special content, that the removed pages do not provide an error when a visitor requests the removed page.  Ideally, you should redirect those old URLs to the most appropriate live page on your site. 
Likewise, instead of providing a “broken page” error and a standard “File Not Found” message, work with your web developer to implement a custom 404 Error page that matches the rest of your site and provides visitors links to the most popular areas of the site. 
This could be the difference between a customer clicking the back button and moving on to the next search listing or getting lost within your site and coming for a visit!
To learn more about Legacy URL Support, click here.
Thoughtfully Consider Your Online Marketing Approach
Online Marketing has become a staple in the marketing strategy for businesses; however, the rate at which the landscape changes presents confusion and uncertainty.
While Social Media is currently the hottest topic in online marketing, it’s important to ensure that your business has a plan in place first. Before jumping feet first into a Social Media campaign, I would recommend revisiting your target audience, notice how those audiences are spending time online, and see the opportunities for immediate, measureable value. For instance, if there are qualified consumers actively searching for your business through search engines, and there isn’t a search marketing strategy in place, consider developing a Search Engine Optimization and/or Paid Search plan before leveraging Twitter.
Are you in the middle of reworking your 2012 strategy? Consider our insights. Have any questions or need help? Feel free to contact us and we would love to help build your success in the new year!