Are you aware of Twitter Cards and know how to use them in your social media marketing approach? If not, it’s time to start looking into it.

Twitter Cards are a great way to enhance your business’ tweets, and while they have been around for more than two years, most big brands are just now beginning to catch on. The value of Twitter cards for marketers has increased substantially over the last few months with the long awaited introduction of analytics for Twitter Cards.

Increasing Content Effectiveness with Twitter Cards

A Twitter Card is created by a simple line of code that is injected into the website you are promoting using Twitter. This code is used to change the appearance of links shared on Twitter, providing additional information and an improved visual in the Twitter stream for users.

Twitter Cards have proven extremely beneficial to e-commerce websites, as they can provide an additional outlet to share expanded product information and photos rather than just a shortened URL leading to the product page.

Twitter cards are also finding their way into social media plans for content distributors from national publications to smaller blogs, allowing these marketers to share photos and introductory paragraphs leading twitter users to click and read more. As the technology becomes better understood and utilized, brands and businesses are becoming more and more creative with their use. Twitter Cards have even been used to allow Twitter users to vote for their Oscar favorites.

Types of Twitter Cards

In total, Twitter has developed seven different cards that can be used to accomplish a variety of marketing goals.

Summary Twitter Cards:

Often used by content distributors such as newspapers and bloggers to push their content, these entry-level Twitter Cards are designed to give readers a dynamic preview of content before clicking through to a website. One of the added benefits of summary cards is the ability to customize the content in the summary description to meet your needs.

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Summary with large Image Twitter Cards:

These Twitter Cards are similar to summary cards, but focus more on the image rather than the text, allowing the tweet’s image to span the entire width of a user’s Twitter timeline.

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Photo Twitter Cards:

Photo Cards are great for sharing images on a traditionally text-heavy social channel. On mobile devices, photo cards also work for Deep Linking, meaning if you share a photo from Flickr, you are able to send users who click on the photo directly to your Flickr profile on the Flickr App.

Gallery Twitter Cards

The Gallery Twitter Card allows you to show followers that there is more than one image on the linked URL. This Twitter Card is very visually appealing in your Twitter follower’s timelines and tends to stand out a lot, as fewer users have begun leveraging this card comparatively.

App Twitter Cards

If your business has a mobile application, the Twitter app card is a must-have. The App Card allows users to download your app immediately on their iOS or Android device, and it allows you to share a brief description of the app in the tweet. The App Card automatically feeds review information and ratings of the app to your Twitter followers as well.

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Player Twitter Card

Does your website have streaming media such as audio, videos or slideshows? The player card allows you to share these visual experiences directly with your Twitter followers.

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Product Twitter Cards

Product Twitter cards show up when Twitter users share a product page from e-commerce brands who have embedded the card code into their site. These cards can also be set up for deep-linking, driving consumers to your mobile app and are great for driving sales.

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Whether you are promoting new music, new products, an article you just wrote or are looking for a new way to market your mobile app, Twitter Cards are an easy way to help you achieve your online marketing goals while livening up your Twitter feed with more than just 140 characters at a time.

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