I first became aware of Pinterest several weeks back when a few Facebook friends were raving about this easily addictive website. Being the skeptic, I was thinking there is no way this site could be that appealing. But I was definitely interested, so I jumped on the bandwagon and started to check it out.


Addictive does not even begin to convey the feeling that swelled over me. I started using the service to help plan my sister-in-law’s baby shower. It’s so silly that one could get a thrill from just “pinning” content on a variety of topics. And as I began to think about it more, I couldn’t help but think of the benefits that exist for businesses. From search engine marketing to content creation, this site can help your online marketing strategy.

Pinterest Fast Facts!

Link Building

Do-follow links appear on several parts of a “pin" to assist with SEO efforts.

First, every “pin” or image on the site generally links from the page or website that hosts the original image. This can ensured by adding the Pinterest Bookmarklet to a web browser, navigating to the image you would like to “pin”, and clicking “Pin it!” from the bookmarklet. The “pin” will appear in your desired board and on your Pinterest homepage so all your followers can view.

Second, on the “pin”, there are a few areas that show other links: the top right corner, which is the link to the “pin’s” origin and within the “pin” description. Be sure to include a description with a URL, whether it is your service-oriented site, retail/ecommerce site, or personal blog.

Pinterest Optimization


Visualize Your Content

From the popularity of this site, it is clear to see that visual content is not only impressive but eye-catching and easy to share. That’s the key. Pinning is easy, so why not start?

Are you a product-oriented company? Start pinning your products. Ask customers to send or pin photos and/or videos of them using your product. 

Service-oriented company? Start pinning creative, colorful infographics (who doesn’t love an infographic?) or pin inspirational or innovative company messages. There are hundreds of ways to engage on this network.

One section of “pins” concentrates on print and posters. Very popular among my followers and Facebook friends. I see these word images (and their links) popping up all over the place. Have a memorable quote from a press release, blog post, or recent article? Try pinning it.

The important thing to remember: A company doesn’t need to be photo-centric to participate on Pinterest.

Don’t forget the section dedicated to videos. Pinning your “How To”, “DIY”, documentary, or event videos, even if it’s just a snippet, can give you great link juice. Just remember to perform initial optimization on your videos and then pin the content to help fund your online marketing strategy.

This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see how it progresses. As Pinterest’s page rank continues to maintain strong standing and popularity continues to increase, it will be interesting to see how marketers utilize this very unique channel.

Are you using Pinterest in your current online marketing strategy? What techniques are you testing out?