Your brand image is more than just a logo. It means everything to your company. Brands outlive products. Products outlive brands. Not everyone makes it. In order to make it, your brand needs to develop its target audience and hone in on them better than the competition.

The whole premise of marketing is to out-brand the competition and saturate the marketplace with your ideas, your products and most importantly, your name over theirs.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Effective Branding

Effective branding is the most important thing your brand can do to show customers who you really are, and it’s the number one way customers will find you. Your brand is important to your company, and must be protected under any circumstances.

You know you need to be doing SEO. You know a few best SEO practices, know keywords are important, and know where you rank in Google. Think you have SEO figured out? Great. Can you make search engine optimization techniques work against the competition?

Overlooked Search Engine Optimization Techniques Your Company Should Be Using – Now

1. A Strong SEO Link Building Campaign with Focused Content Marketing

It’s one thing to have your own website optimized and showing up in search result

s, but quality, followed backlinks increase your reach online even more, and a quality link profile makes your website more trustworthy in the eyes of Google. SEO link building is crucial to your marketing efforts.

It’s impossible to eliminate negative brand mentions from the internet, but SEO link building and having a strong link profile highlighting the good your company has done is one step to brand defense. Don’t be shy about sharing content your company has created with outside influencers whom you have or have not developed relationships with. This, of course, means creating content worth sharing in the first place. Ensure your content is focused, organized and useful. If done correctly, natural links will come, but in many cases, SEO link building requires some outreach in order to promote your content.

2. Optimize Your Local Search Engine Listings

The Google earth vehicle may be able to drive itself, (wait, that’s the other Google car), but it does not know anything about your business nor care. It just takes photos from the street.

Ensuring your business is listed in local search (Google places, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, CitySearch, Foursquare and even Yelp) is your responsibility and one of the most overlooked best SEO practices. Claim these listings, brand them, and promote them just like you would your website.

If your business looks shady on Yelp, without photos or reviews, your competitor with photos and reviews is getting the business. Not you. Implementing search engine optimization techniques goes well beyond your actual website.

improve seo with responsive design3. Responsive Web Design To Capture Visitors On Mobile & Tablets

Having a responsive mobile website means your website looks and performs similarly on a tablet or mobile device as it would on a standard desktop. Best SEO practices recommend you have a responsive website. With responsive design, no SEO value is lost from the standard site and you do not have to re-optimize an entirely separate mobile website.

Responsive web design is a time-saver that looks great and performs well from an SEO perspective on a host of different devices. With so much of the search market share taking place on mobile devices, having a responsive design when your competition does not is a huge advantage.

Online Brand Reputation outside of best SEO practices

Along with Search engine optimization techniques, there are countless online marketing tactics your company can use for brand defense and reputation boosting.

Develop a branded social media presence across all channels with an action plan, including measures in place to counteract negative feedback, and a voice that speaks to your target audience.

Have an aggressive paid search strategy and bid above the competition. Paid search is a great way to get your name out there for the products you provide your customers. Don’t forget to bid on your own brand name. The last thing you want is the competition taking clicks and potential conversions away from your company because their paid ad was above your organic result on a branded search query.

Need help making these overlooked SEO tactics work for your company? Want your brand to be known for its products and services (as well as having a great SEO strategy?) Contact the Online Marketing experts at SteadyRain to make it happen today.