Your Brand, On Display – How to Launch an Action-Oriented Display Advertising Strategy

Display advertisements are one of the fastest growing forms of online advertising. When compared to paid search, they are often times more affordable and reach a broader audience, raising brand awareness with each impression gained.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of other advertisers with the same idea as you. Brands no longer go directly to a newspaper to place an online classified ad. Media websites and websites that fit nearly any niche imaginable are part of the Google Display network. If you want your brand exposed to the audience of, getting there is just a few clicks away.

It’s one thing to have your ad appear in the sidebar of a major website, but what does it take for potential customers to take action on your advertisements?

Getting clicks and engaging your impression share is all about strategy and creativity. Even the best display advertisements boast a click-through rate well below 1%. The average display advertisement has a 0.10% chance of getting clicked on.

In Display, it’s not about the clicks. It’s making the most out of them. Have you ever been guilty of accidentally clicking a display ad and bouncing immediately upon arrival? It happens. Do you remember the last truly life-changing display ad you saw? Probably not. Your ad will get clicked on accidentally. It won’t change anyone’s life. That doesn’t mean you can’t prepare your campaign for success with these simple tips.

Targeting the Right Audience with a Display Advertising Strategy

You want to run display ads. First things first – and it’s a simple, often-asked staple question for advertisers. Who is your target audience?

Chances are, somewhere in your previous advertising efforts you have established and defined your target audience. Now, what does your target audience like? What websites do they visit? What are their tendencies? How impressionable are they? Are they open to humor? Are they serious? Are they rich? Are they poor? You know these things. Write them down. You’re going to need them. A display advertising strategy is no different than any other advertising strategy.

When setting up a campaign in the Google Display network, make use of the display planner tool. You can target ads to individuals with specific interests, or design your campaigns around specific websites you would like to place your ads on.

Display Ad

Optimize Your Landing Page for Display

You may think your ad is the most important aspect of your display advertising strategy. While important, it comes a close second to your landing page.

Great. You received a click on your display ad. What happens next? Potential customers are taken to your landing page. Is your landing page greeting them with a smile and open arms or telling them I’m not that important?

A landing page for Display should be designed with users in mind; not search engines. The landing page is a critical component to a successful display advertising strategy. Your landing page should be where your visitors parked their car. This is done with a combination of creative elements, easy-to-digest content and a conversion point that builds upon the call-to-action used in your creative copy. Impressions are free great for brand awareness. Clicks are an investment. Does your landing page create a positive ROI?

Creative, Actionable Ad Copy

Display Ad Example

Design and copy are important factors in display advertising, because after all, these ads are being displayed for people to see. Above all else, display advertisements should be designed to entice and engage.

Keep your copy short and sweet – Your ad is on a site already littered with content about something the visitor came to that website for in the first place. To them, that content is more important to yours. Don’t bore them to death. Snatch them away from their current website with an appeal that could actually convince them to leave.

For e-commerce advertisers, this means promoting sales and special offers. For everyone else, it means enticing them with your wit and charm. Creativity is part of any strong display advertising strategy.

This P90X ad on is an example of a great Display advertisement, because:

  1. It is targeted correctly; the ad is about exercise and shows on a webpage devoted to exercise. Visitors are more likely to click ads that appeal to them.
  2. The brand name/logo is dominant. You know the advertiser by name.
  3. The ad contains simple, effective content with a promising appeal (realistic or not, it sounds great!)
  4. There is a clear call-to-action – “Buy Now”

In display advertising, simple wins.

Does your company want to develop a targeted, conversion-ready display advertising campaign with your customer’s unique needs in mind? If so, contact the online marketing team at SteadyRain to get started on your company’s display advertising strategy. Your display advertising campaign can get ripped too.