Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns in Google provide a great opportunity for businesses to appear in search results for targeted keywords, direct visitors to a landing page, and watch those visitors convert. But the online marketing fun doesn’t, and shouldn’t, stop there!

After your team optimizes the title, URL and copy of the ad, consider two additional advanced ad optimization opportunities to further encourage the user to click on your ads and convert.

1. Incorporate Ad Sitelinks

Ad Sitelinks are URLs that appear with your paid search campaign, but are separate from the Title, URL and ad copy. The Ad Sitelinks live right under your PPC ad and provide additional opportunities or suggestions to your target audience. The sitelinks provide an enhanced navigation of your site for the visitor that is searching for specific information. The titles can be customized to include specific keywords or calls-to-action to further engage your potential customer.

To get started, under Ad extensions – Sitelinks, check the box that says “Extend my ads with links to the sections of my site.” Next, list your top ten URLs and names in order of importance.

A minor caveat: the ad site links will only appear in top page ads, not side column.

2. Aim to achieve the seller ratings extension

Seller Ratings appended to a PPC ad are positive reviews that are aggregated by Google Product Review from several online review sites.

Not every pay per click ad will be eligible for this opportunity right away. Google has a set of criteria that your business must meet in order to have your reviews appear along with your ad, but it’s worth it.

Here’s the scoop: Once your business achieves 30 reviews with a four-star rating on Google Product Search, it is eligible to have the seller ratings extension. Seller ratings extension is suitable for product and service related companies that can be purchased directly online.

With the rise of importance placed on the relationship between social influence and online business, alerting your visitors to reviews within your PPC ads will further solidify your brand’s positive online reputation.

Have you started optimizing your PPC campaign or incorporating pay per click to your existing online marketing strategy yet? If you are interested in learning more, contact SteadyRain's online marketing team today.