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technology news st. louisSEO & Paid Search

In France, Google is facing a maximum privacy fine for failing to clearly inform users how the search engine uses their personal data. The fine is for roughly $200,000. Google appears unfazed. 

Intuitive analytics reporting depends on your team’s ability to weave a story with metrics. Just knowing the numbers and not the reasoning behind them doesn’t help your business.


Are you considering a mobile app for your business this year? Great! Are you developing on Android or iOS? Learn about the benefits and limitations of each to help make your decision.

Web Development

The New York Times rolled a new website design this week. It’s responsive and aims to tighten brand identity. What do you think? 

Looking for a little design inspiration to kick off your 2014 website strategy? Check out these five incredible examples of responsive design.

Social Media

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone announced his new social media network, Jelly. It connects users connects people through images and short questions.

Building a community of brand advocates is no easy task, but if done properly, can give your brand a major social media boost. Check out these 9 tips to developing a group of influencers to get started.

Snapchat finally got around to apologizing for the security hack that effected users on New Year’s Eve. A week later. Is your personal data at stake? You can check your account here.

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