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technology news st. louisAre you considering giving Google Adwords a try? Learn more about  what to expect and how to develop a successful campaign.

A new Google Plus update has made finding high-quality content in the Google search results even easier by cutting down on spam-filled Authorship accounts. In fact, the social media network is reducing Authorship in search results by up to 40 percent in order to place more emphasis on the content of verified, highly connected, high-quality authors. Need some help ensuring your content makes the cut? Give our online marketing team a call

Finding for good, free images for your blog posts is never an easy task. Now you can filter those Google Images searches by usage rights, helping you find the perfect photo and ensure that using it is legal.  


Android vs. iOS: who would win the heavyweight match? Check out the differences in market share, programming languages, submission processes and more to effectively understand which option is best for your mobile app development.

Native mobile advertising is quickly taking off. Learn about its costs, content requirements and functionality before you get started to create a strategized campaign.

Web Development & Technology

Have you heard about yesterday’s federal Net Neutrality ruling? The freedom of information may be threatened by Internet service providers gaining more power of what its customers can and cannot access. Here’s what you need to know.

Social Media

Do you work in tourism? On Tuesday, the website links of thousands Of Google+ hotel listings were changed to those of third-party booking services. Was your account affected?

LinkedIn has added Volunteer Marketplace to its functionality, allowing users to display their charitable connections and efforts on their profiles, much like being listed as an employee of a company.  

Bookmark this social media checklist infographic to keep your strategy on track.

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