OneDrive, @N Hijacking and more: today’s tech news thursday

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Is your SEO campaign missing that special something? Quicksprout lists a few special ingredients you can add to the mix to boost organic traffic for your website.

Much more work goes into a successful PPC campaign than just a headline, description and display URL. Enhance your Adwords campaign by including these six elements of a clickworthy campaign.


Many companies are kicking their intranet solutions a notch by making them mobile? Are you ready to increase employee productivity and engagement by doing the same? Great! Now which direction do you take – responsive design or mobile app development? We’ve highlighted the pros and cons of each option and provide a recommendation to help you make a decision.

Social Media

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Have you ever worried about your Twitter username being hacked? Naoki Hiroshima had his websites and several accounts hijacked. The end game? His $50,000 Twitter handle, @N. The hacker won.

If you’re considering advertising on Twitter or want to update a current campaign on the social network, check out this complete guide first. It includes detailed recommendations for promoted accounts, promoted trends and more. 

Don’t forget about Instagram! Too many brands just post random pictures with no goal in sight. Start out by developing an in-depth strategy, then check out these five tools to give your campaign a boost.


Other Tech News

Google bought an artificial intelligence company earlier this week. It’s called Deep Mind, which creeps us out a little, but what does it mean for the future of Google? Er, no one is exactly sure, because no one really understands what Deep Mind does. Intriguing.   

It's a big week for Google. On Wednesday, the tech giant then sold Motorola to Lenovo, the company that took over IBM’s PC business ten years ago. Some say these recent business moves indicate Google is much more interested in investing in the Internet of Things than mobile. What do you think?

Microsoft’s SkyDrive has been renamed to OneDrive following the loss of a copyright infringement lawsuit last June. The new name works in tandem with a new brand strategy the tech giant is implementing.

Are you watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? We’re just as excited for the commercials as we are for the big game. To get as pumped as our team, check out the 25 greatest Super Bowl commercials ever made.

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